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Book Covers

Book Covers Facets11
Facets, Phases and Transformation
Peer Abuse Know More! Bullying From A Psychological Perspective
book picture
Book Covers Doctor10
Peas, "Pill's and Parkinson's
Colt O'Brien Sees the Light
colt print cover lg
Book Covers Riverc10
A River Which Sweeps Me Along
Book Covers Bookco12
How Often Would I Have Gathered You
Cover of my first book
Rainbow's Expressions and Observations
Inspirational poetry offering moments of beauty, joy and peace through all circumstances of life.
Beautiful Moments of Joy and Peace
Cover of comedy/thriller due out in summer 2009
Jock Stewart and the Missing Sea of Fire
horror with 102 pages, paperback
Cursed Blood
erotica thriller, paperback and ebook will be released in Feb or March 2008.
Stolen Identity
Book genre horror by A. W. Nutter
Angela Cummings has finally found Mr. Right.  At least she thought so, until Cooper Johnson rode back to town on a broken down Harley.  

Is security more important than true love?  Even her son seems against her best laid plans.  Be still, her wandering heart!
Wandering Heart
My Charming Protector

Tory Lynn
My Charming Protector
Sentinels: Alternate Visions is coming early 2009 from White Rocket Books.  I wrote a story called "The Road To Hell..." for this sci fi adventure anthology.

sentinels alternate visions danny 1a
Domino Lady.  I have a story in this pulp anthology called "Target: Domino Lady."  Coming November 2009 from Moonstone Books.  Two variant covers.  This is one of them.

bearkiller cover
Nothing is ordinary in the small town of Passion, especially the love.

Victor Davis is a man trying to escape the tragedy of his past. Several months ago, a bullet that was meant for him killed his girlfriend by mistake. Now struggling to move on, Victor’s taken over as the chief of police of Passion. Vic knows everyone in Passion, so naturally he can’t help but notice when beautiful stranger Julia Wilson moves into the small town.

Mysterious and alluring, Julia came to Passion with one thing on her mind, avenging the death of her sister. Desperate to find the truth, and keeping her true identity a secret, Julia enters into an affair with the one man she thinks might be able to give her answers—Victor Davis. 

Lust and love run rampant when Victor and Julia enter into a torrid romance. But Julia’s deception turns dangerous and secrets from Victor’s past soon threaten their fragile relationship. Murder, kidnapping, and an escape that you’ll never forget. Welcome to the town of Passion.
Escape In Passion
Book Covers Woow-110
Windows on Our World Part 1: Hope
Coming soon from Brian L Porter and Still Waves Publishing, this is a multiple murder mystery set in leafy Richmond-on-Thames, wehre a serial poisoner is at loose in suburbia!
Purple Death
Savannah Kingsley is about to walk down the aisle to get married when she spies her groom kissing another man in the rose garden.  Crushed beyond words, Savannah flees in her parents car, and heads for a long lost relative in the West of Texas.  She didn't plan on running smack dab into the law.

Ben Hogg didn't know anything about Savannah, but he certainly recognized trouble when he saw it.  But what was he to do, she couldn't run around his town dressed like that,
could she?
Runaway Bride
Throughout life we store information collected from experiences and try in some way to make sense of it. When we are not able to fully understand the things that occur in our lives, we often externalize the information. By doing this, we are afforded a different perspective, thus allowing us to think more clearly about difficult or perplexing events and emotions. Art is one of the ways in which we choose to externalize our thoughts. Within the arts, needs of expression differ, but poetry is a very powerful tool by which we can share sometimes confusing, sometimes perfectly clear, concepts and feelings with others. Intentions can run the gamut as well: We may simply want to share something that has touched our lives in some way, or we may want to get help to allay anxiety or uncertainty. The poetry within Visions of the Soul is from every point on the spectrum — every intention, every event or emotion imaginable. Some poems will speak to certain readers more than others, but it is always important to keep in m
Visions of the Soul
Making Dollar$ And Cent$ Out Of Online Dating
front book cover300x300
Book Two in Mary Cunningham's young reader fantasy/fiction series, Cynthia's Attic
Cynthia's Attic: The Magic Medallion
Dixie Rose Kincaid has come home again, to put away old ghosts and get on with her life.  She thinks.  Only she hadn't planned on running into Mike Dalton, Kevin's brother.  Mike is determined to keep Dixie away from Kevin, at all costs.  But
does this include woeing her, himself? Dixie didn't count on loving Mike's daughter, who wants her to play "Pretend Mom".
Can she leave her heart at home again?
Pretend Mom
Short stories to warm your heart.
Tales From The Heart
Lance Star: Sky Ranger Vol. 1.  I have a story called "Where The Sea Meets The Sky" in this pulp anthology.

A collection of my Comic Book Scripts.
Inspirational poetry and color nature photos
Abundant Comfort and Grace
Book cover of horror novel "Just.Another.Common.Killer", by Chantal Bellehumeur.
Book Covers Alfala10
alfaland cover pic
Book Covers Lynch_11
lynch cover small
Dead Witness
Dead Witness
Book Covers Ten_ti10
Ten Times Guilty
Here it is - my book cover.
Marching Across the Heart
book cover for my first 
southern fiction novel
The Madhatter's Guide to Chocolate
Clint lTravers lost not only his best friend one night in the barn, but the mother of his child.  How was he going to straighten it all out?

His sister-in-law, Emma Travers knew exactly what he needed to do.  He'd have to court Abby.  

But how did a broken down rodeo cowboy win, when the only woman he ever loved already had a boyfriend and wanted no part of him?

Could he woe her back into his life?
Courting Abby
My book cover
The Adventures of Lily
Book Covers Scan0010
A best seller since 1973 (thru 3 editions)
Domino Lady.  I have a story in this pulp anthology called "Target: Domino Lady."  Coming November 2009 from Moonstone Books.  Two variant covers.  This is one of them.

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