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Book Covers

My childrens/pet lovers book
" Dusty"
Inspirational poetry and color nature photos
Abundant Comfort and Grace
Book Covers Woow-110
Windows on Our World Part 1: Hope
Clint lTravers lost not only his best friend one night in the barn, but the mother of his child.  How was he going to straighten it all out?

His sister-in-law, Emma Travers knew exactly what he needed to do.  He'd have to court Abby.  

But how did a broken down rodeo cowboy win, when the only woman he ever loved already had a boyfriend and wanted no part of him?

Could he woe her back into his life?
Courting Abby
Book Covers Fogisl10
Fog Island Flowers
Time and Again is based around my flying experiences in the UK armed forces, with a little fantasy thrown in.
Time and Again
Mission is an African novel set in Kenya. Five characters find their lives interact to influence events that change all of their lives/
A night of passion between two strangers - bound together, four years later, in a desperate effort to protect their child. A bomb squad cop, caught up in ecoterrorism, tries to save the child he didn’t know he had. Katya is being stalked and the only person Sofie can turn to is Jack Roselli, Katya’s father. Ecoterrorism and stalking are complicated by distrust, mingled with sexual desire, as Sofie and Jack search for a way to protect Katya.
Book Covers Journe10
Journey Into The Past
book cover for my first 
southern fiction novel
The Madhatter's Guide to Chocolate
Book Covers Book_p11
Peer Abuse Know More! Bullying From A Psychological Perspective
Book Covers Plot_y10
Plot Your Way to Publlication
Pklaced 9th in the antholgies section in the Preditors & Editors readers Awards 2007 this e-book short story trilogy is available from
Murder, Mayhem and Mexico
Book Covers Fiinal10
fiinal cover
My third book
querybook copy
Takes the reader on a compelling, yet true journey where no one should venture.  Yet some do.  It is a book written on child abuse, domestic violence and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and offers the reader the idea that we have choices we may make in our lives to lead to a healthier path.   Some choices are not desirable, yet they are most necessary at times.
Cruel Deception
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