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 Alice Shumate Crooker

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PostSubject: Alice Shumate Crooker   Alice Shumate Crooker EmptySun Jun 20, 2021 2:31 pm

Alice Shumate Crooker EyJkIjo3MiwieCI6MjYwLCJ5IjoiMCIsImN3Ijo1NTksImNoIjo3MTksInJvIjoiMCIsImNyIjoiMSIsInciOjM4MCwiaCI6MzgwLCJ1cmwiOiJodHRwczpcL1wvYWRhcy1vcmVnb24tY2FzLW9iaXRzLnMzLmFtYXpvbmF3cy5jb21cL3Bob3Rvc1wvY3JlYXRlX3N0b3J5XC82MGM3YWJlMzY5Njc4XC85ZDg2NGMxZDdiMTJmNmFiODJmYzNlOTgzMTllLmpwZyIsIm0iOiJKUEcifQ==
Alice Shumate Crooker, 1947-2021.

Alice was born in Kirkland, WA. Alice was a a lifelong Chistian who believed strongly in free speech and thought. She respected all religions. She saw what God and the doctors can do and wanted others to hear about it so they can have hope.
Alice listed her accomplishments as:
Stayed married to the same wonderful man for nearly forty years.
Reared two accomplished children.
AA Degree with honors Bellevue Community College.
Book of the week award from Publish America July 17-25th 2006.

Alice's battle with Parkinson’s disease began at age forty-nine in 1996. The disease progressed slowly at first but after about six years the symptoms were getting much worse so she underwent a relatively new treatment called deep brain stimulation (DBS), which is not a cure, but in many cases dampens or eliminates some of the more troublesome symptoms. She wrote and published a hugely entertaining book about her life and experiences with Parkinson’s disease, titled Peas, “Pills” and Parkinson’s, along with a book of children’s stories called Living by the Swamp.

Peas, “Pills,” and Parkinson’s
is the story of Alice Crooker’s battle with Parkinson’s disease and her unusual life with highly irregular people and situations. From her birth when her mother suffered from postpartum psychosis, to the shocking diagnosis of PD at age forty-nine, she uses humor and insight to describe her life and, ultimately, her battle with this misunderstood and relatively neglected disease. Her struggles include a series of mis-diagnoses and a long trail of abandoned doctors prior to finding the competent team of physicians at Virginia Mason Hospital in Seattle. There, she was given hope and a medical procedure which gave her life back. This is a story of struggle and triumph, despair and hope, and an abiding faith in God. All proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the Virginia Mason Hospital Foundation for improving the lives of Parkinson’s patients. Your interest and support are greatly appreciated.

Alice Shumate Crooker 81KU-cLOw3L._SX110_ Alice Shumate Crooker 41C9GeFDNWL._SX110_ Alice Shumate Crooker 41%2BmGkZJdOL._SX110_ Alice Shumate Crooker 51eDGllZXhL._SX115_ Alice Shumate Crooker 41y7VHKoszL._SX115_ Alice Shumate Crooker 51Zs4N4T4eL._SX115_
Amazon Author Central: Shelagh Watkins
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Alice Shumate Crooker
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