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 Call it begins

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PostSubject: Call it begins    Call it begins  EmptyFri Mar 12, 2021 6:41 pm

Please take a look on my mind work that I made after with my hands and share to you in order to provide the opportunity grow personally, and open world around:

The Begins 

1. (government :Gospel: goal)
       (good.     ”God”   go)

2. (sorry :Source: solve)
 (soul   ” sole” some)

3. (stability : Status: statistics)
    (state  "statute" standard)

4. (Bible: Beautiful :best)
      (begins ”believe ” be)
5. (work  :Wonderful: worry)
   (women   ”world”  word)

6. (reputation: Reality: reflex)
            (regular "religion" reaction)

7. (tender: Trend: territory) 
    (theory  "term" therapy) 
8. (purpose :Pure: purchase)
     (pull.  ”pump”  put)

9. (worthy :Wise: wife)
        (well  ”wish” will) 

10. (business :Behavior: benefit)
           (buy         ”book”   below)

11. (hospitality :Happy: husband)
        (hold       ”hope”  help)

12. (fortune :Freedom: fight)
(focus      ”flight” future)

13. (serve :Success: suit)
     (support ”survey” skill)
This kind of stuff making your inside world reacher, providing financial, social and human prosperity.

Also you can find me in instagram ”wundermacher88”. 

Waiting for questions and comments)))
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Call it begins
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