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Visions of the Soul

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Visions of the Soul

Throughout life we store information collected from experiences and try in some way to make sense of it. When we are not able to fully understand the things that occur in our lives, we often externalize the information. By doing this, we are afforded a different perspective, thus allowing us to think more clearly about difficult or perplexing events and emotions. Art is one of the ways in which we choose to externalize our thoughts. Within the arts, needs of expression differ, but poetry is a very powerful tool by which we can share sometimes confusing, sometimes perfectly clear, concepts and feelings with others. Intentions can run the gamut as well: We may simply want to share something that has touched our lives in some way, or we may want to get help to allay anxiety or uncertainty. The poetry within Visions of the Soul is from every point on the spectrum — every intention, every event or emotion imaginable. Some poems will speak to certain readers more than others, but it is always important to keep in m

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Posted : Tue Apr 15, 2008 3:49 pm
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poetry for and from the soul
Visions of the Soul
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 Visions of the Soul

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Visions of the Soul
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