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 New Ebook "2012 and Beyond"

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New Ebook "2012 and Beyond" Empty
PostSubject: New Ebook "2012 and Beyond"   New Ebook "2012 and Beyond" EmptyThu Mar 31, 2011 6:27 pm

2012 and Beyond
Jesus Villalobos
Available at: 5.00

Available at: Kindle Direct Publishing (type in previous name in search bar) then type in my name: Jesus Villalobos/book.

copyright 2011 Jesus Villalobos:

Smashwords edition

Table of Contents

Chapter1. The Days of Noah

Chapter2. 2012

Chapter3. Economics and Surveillance

Chapter4. 2019

Chapter5. Technology

Chapter6. 2026

Chapter7. 2032

Chapter8. A Final Thought

The Days of Noah

“For as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man.” Matthew 24:37. This is an incomplete Scripture without what follows it. As a result, many have fallen victim to misinterpretation of just what Jesus actually said in these passages of Scripture. For this reason, many believe Jesus said it was impossible to know when He was coming back.

This however is not what Jesus said. Quite the contrary, Jesus was in fact saying just the opposite of what people believe He said in these passages. To understand just what Jesus was saying, one must finish Jesus’ words concerning why it will be as the days of Noah.

The completed quotation is as follows; Matthew 24:38-44 “For as in the days before the flood they (referring to those swept away in the flood; these were non believers) were eating and drinking (sacrifices to demons), marrying and giving in marriage (women marrying devils; “see Genesis 6:1-2), until the day that Noah (and his family) entered into the ark (these were believers who were ready and knew the date of when the flood would occur since God told Noah exactly when He would flood the earth; 120 years from the commission given to Noah to build the ark on the anniversary of the commission which was the anniversary of the Passover feast).

‘And knew not (it was non believers who knew not the time table) until the flood came and took them all (all non believers) away; so shall the coming of the Son of Man be. Then shall two be in the field (this refers to Jesus’ parable of the tares in the field Matthew13 ; Jesus explained the words “the field” to mean the earth Matthew 13:38. Therefore, Jesus is telling us that two shall be in the ground or buried having already died); the one shall be taken (raptured) and the other left to suffer the ravages of the next world wide flood which Jesus will cause (more on this later; God never promised not to flood the whole world again, He merely promised not to kill everyone in the next world wide flood). Genesis 9:15.

‘Two women shall be grinding at the mill (studying the scriptures); one shall be taken (raptured), and the other left to suffer the ravages of the next world wide flood). Watch therefore: for you know not at what hour your Lord does come (still referring to those who are non believers; Jesus is mocking those who are non believers in this crowd encouraging them to try to figure out His words to their own destruction).

‘But know this (My children and only My children), that if the Goodman (Jesus is the Goodman) had known (and He does know the approximate hour ) what hour the thief (Jesus’ Father is the thief; “see 2nd Peter 3:10-13” these verses speak of heaven and earth’s destruction by Jesus’ Father to recreate them) was coming, He (Jesus) would have watched (on the Churches behalf) and not have suffered His house (the Church) to be broken up ( He has locked the doors of our salvation).

‘Therefore be ye also ready (like my children will be ready; once again mocking non believers, challenging them to figure out His words); for the Son of Man cometh in such an hour as ye think not (ye non-believers).

Why would I interpret this last part of this passage to be a mockery for non believers? First; because these passages start out by talking about those who were swept away in the flood of Noah. These were non believers. Jesus continues talking about them throughout these passages. He contrasts them with those who are true believers who will know when He is coming to the exact hour. This becomes evident because Jesus goes on to tell us exactly what hour He will come. He goes straight into the parable of the ten virgins.

This parable tells us there was a cry about ‘midnight’ saying, “Behold the bridegroom cometh.” This is one time we need to understand Jesus was being literal. Why? Because He will come as a thief in the night; directly after three days of darkness which Jesus calls the sign of the Son of Man in His Matthew 24 discourse on end times. For more information on this, get my book; “Three Days of Darkness and the Coming Flood.” Available at: or in digital format for downloading at:

Yes, there will be another world wide flood just as in the days of Noah. This will indeed occur as Isaiah 24:1 prophesies. It is the world being turned upside down that will cause this next worldwide flood. God never promised He would not flood the world again. He promised never again to kill all flesh with a worldwide flood. He will keep His promise. He will leave 10% alive in this next world wide flood caused by His tipping the earth over just as Isaiah 24:1 explains.

But I have jumped ahead of myself. Let’s get back to 2012. What will happen in 2012? Jesus’ words above give us our first clue. Jesus told us it would be as the days of Noah just before His next coming. Let’s find out what happened in the days of Noah shall we?

Genesis 6:1-2 tell us that men began to multiply upon the earth and daughters were born unto them. The sons of God (Satan’s devil followers who had left their place of origin which was the earth; more on this later), looked upon the daughters of men and found them to be fair (beautiful).

They took (no mention of these women going willingly) for themselves wives as many as THEY (no mention of the women having a choice) chose. These women were abducted. This produced the Nephilim or giants mentioned in Scripture which were half human half devil.

Notice I did not use the word demon here. A demon is a disembodied devil, the spirit of a deceased devil. Satan was created a fleshly creature just as Adam and Eve were created fleshly beings. This is why Genesis tells us that Satan or the serpent was the craftiest creature of “THE FIELD” that the Lord God (Jesus) had created.

Jesus created Satan in “the field” which Jesus explains to mean “the earth” in the parable of the tares Matthew 13:38. Therefore Satan was created a fleshly being. Isaiah tells us his desire was to ascend above the stars and place his throne there. This means he needed space travel to do so. This is where the UFO phenomena began.

This is what happened in the days of Noah. These devils who had once inhabited the earth returned to it and found another species closely related to them inhabiting earth. They used their advanced technology to fool mankind into believing they were gods which is why Jesus mentions the feasts which are mentioned above. These sacrifices were unto these devils.

These devils came and abducted the women and had sexual relations with them to produce offspring. These became the Nephilim. The crossbreeding of these two species caused untold havoc upon the earth. Violence reached its peak. These Nephilim were cannibalistic giants.

At the time of the flood, there were no pure strain humans left except Noah and his family. This is why God chose Noah to repopulate the earth. This is also why God chose only certain animals to board the ark. There had also been genetic altering in the animal kingdom done by these devils to cause the animal kingdom to become much larger than they had previously been. This was their effort to feed these extremely large offspring of theirs.

This is where the saber tooth tiger, wooly mammoth and other giant species came from. They are not millions of years old as is being taught by today’s scientists in an effort to fool the general public into believing in evolution. These scientists know full well these creatures are not any older than mankind is; less than 6,000 years old.

The genetics of Satan’s race was slightly different than mankind’s which is why they mutated into giants with a lot of hair and six fingers and toes. But the genetics were close enough to cross breed.

Why am I mentioning all this? Because Jesus warned us it would be exactly as the days of Noah just before His return. What this tells me is that there will be a massive worldwide abduction perpetrated by Satan’s descendants who are the inhabitants of these UFOs.

This will counterfeit the rapture of the saints which will occur only after the sign of the Son of Man which occurs at the beginning of the seventh year of the tribulation. This is the danger of preaching two comings of Jesus, one for the Church and one for Israel. Matthew 24 mentions only one sign (for His followers to look for) Jesus calls it the sign of the Son of Man in His Matthew 24 discourse of His one coming. Let’s get our theology straight!

They (the devils) will impregnate women causing another situation where giants will once again roam the earth. This includes the dinosaur, wooly mammoth, saber tooth tiger era. When will all this occur? Get ready as 2012 will be the launching date of all this. This is why the Mayan calendar as well as other calendars including the Jewish calendar do not go beyond the year 2012.

There is knowledge in the world governments that 2012 will see the return of the devils who took over the earth just before the flood in the days of Noah. But the arrival of these beings only begins the corruption of the earth. It will take a few years for things to get into the full swing of corruption.

This then begins a downward spiral of events which will lead up to the anti-Christ’s arrival and subsequent dominion over the earth for a seven year period just prior to Jesus’ return to rapture His own and flood the world destroying those who received the mark of the beast.

Once again, it would do you good to read my book; “Three Days of Darkness and the Coming Flood” available in both printed version; and digital format for downloading; which details what the sign of the Son of Man is, and why Jesus left it as the only sign signifying His one and only return.

Without this knowledge it is impossible to understand Jesus’ warning concerning those who would say, “Behold, He is in the desert,” “Behold, He is in the inner chambers.” These words are not spoken by human beings; they are spoken by devils pretending to have come to take you to Jesus. In the words of Jesus Himself, “Go not with them…Believe them not!”

Do not allow those who have led you to believe in two comings of Jesus to blind your eyes to Jesus’ words in Matthew 24. Jesus gave you all you need to know about end time events in Matthew 24. Do yourself a favor and trust Jesus not anyone else to tell you how many times He is coming back. There is only one sign and one coming mentioned in Matthew 24. If Jesus intended two comings, He would have said so in Matthew 24 which was His longest and most explicit explanation of end time events.

The apostles clearly did not know that Jesus had to die and resurrect. Since this is the case, they would never have asked Jesus about His return on their own. This would be the equivalent of children asking their parents when they were coming back from the opera when they had no knowledge that their parents were even going out.

In order for the apostles to have asked this question about the timing of Jesus’ return, they would have had to know about his death and resurrection. This however is not the case. The Scriptures are clear that they had no idea Jesus had to die and resurrect. They did not know He was going away. There was no reason to ask Him when He would return.

Therefore, it is only logical to conclude that it was the Holy Spirit asking the question through the mouths of the apostles concerning Jesus’ return and the sign that would accompany it. This because the apostles had no idea that Jesus was even going away.

Since this is the case, there is no intention to deceive on the part of the Holy Spirit. Which means that the question concerning Jesus’ return has an answer. The question was; “What will be the sign of Thy coming?”

Jesus’ answer to this question becomes His longest speech concerning His return and the need to beware of deceptions. Jesus knew all too well that the last years just before His coming would be filled with erroneous teachings concerning His one and only return.

There are NOT two comings of Jesus. Jesus only mentions one sign and one coming in Matthew 24. He tells us that immediately after the tribulation of those days that the sun, moon, and stars will no longer shine. He was quoting from the book of Isaiah chapter 13.

This is where the Church has made a major blunder. She has not kept Jesus’ words concerning His return pure. Jesus said that the world (this includes the Church) would see the sign of the Son of Man just before Jesus sent His angels to collect the elect from the four winds of heaven, from one end of the earth to the other. Matthew 24:29-31.

There is much to explain in order for you to fully comprehend what Jesus’ words in Matthew 24 actually meant. This involves the meat of the Word of God and how I am straightened until it is imparted to those who will receive it. But let’s get back to how things will unfold.

In today’s world, a great emphasis is being placed upon looking for life and water which supports life on other planets. Truth be known, this is actually nothing more than a smoke screen by science to cover up what they already know. They already know life exists on other planets.

What they will not tell you is that the other life forms on other planets are descendants of Satan. This I believe those at the top know full well. When Satan left the earth to set his plan of conquering God’s throne in heaven, he had to stop off at different planets along the way.

This would be due to the extreme pressures of space travel and the varying differences in gravitational pull along the way. It is comparable to a diver going down hundreds of feet in the ocean. He must stop along the way to allow his body to assimilate the different pressures along the way. Otherwise he would die from the increased pressure building up.

Once a stopping point occurred, the devils left settlers to colonize those planets which they found habitable. This is only a logical conclusion. This is why many UFO abductees are told about star constellations where these creatures (devils) came from. They are not lying about where they came from. However, they will not tell their abductees about their true origin; the earth. Neither will they expose the truth of what they are; Satan’s seed.

Does all this sound too ridiculous to believe? Why? Why is listening to God’s Word telling us that Satan’s desire was to ascend into heaven (if his desire was to ascend he was below before he could ascend) so difficult for you. Did Satan accomplish his goal of reaching heaven? Yes. He speaks to God concerning Job in heaven. How did he get there? Remember his dream was to ascend (go up) to heaven. Yes, he did this through space travel.

Now you may say, “How could something physical enter into heaven?” Well, Jesus is in a physical body and yet is seated at God’s right hand. Furthermore, so are the resurrected Old Testament saints who rose with Jesus. Can you not see that this answers how the sons of God were able to mate with humanity to produce the Nephilim? It also answers the origin of the UFO phenomena and why these vehicles were necessary for Satan to achieve his goal of ascending to heaven.

I find it quite interesting that mankind is following the exact same pattern as Satan to leave earth’s gravitational pull each time he ascends to the heavens. He plants his flags as if he owns the territory he has reached. Unfortunately, mankind was not given these domains. He was given the earth and nothing more by God Almighty. It is a bit presumptuous on his part to think that God is smiling upon his desire to follow in Satan’s footsteps as he ascends into the heavens.

Countless pieces of debris are being left floating in space as man turns God’s creation into a junk yard. I cringe at the concept of what sins man will take with him into the void of space in the future. Is it not enough that mankind has polluted this earth and corrupted its resources?

Nevertheless, this is what has been prophesied in the pages of Scripture. Mankind has followed in the footsteps of Satan’s evil desires and will continue to do so until the return of Jesus to set up His royal kingdom.

But this is only the beginning of what has been prophesied. There are things which have not really been discussed in today’s Churches which should have been. I wonder how long it will be before the leaders of today’s Church world will come around to teaching some of the things within the pages of this book. But let’s get on with our study.

The next chapter will take us into December 21st 2012, and what the world is unprepared to receive as truth concerning this date. This chapter will take us forward into some hitherto unexplored regions.

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New Ebook "2012 and Beyond"
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