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 "Birth of a Salesman" by Carson V. Heady

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"Birth of a Salesman" by Carson V. Heady Empty
PostSubject: "Birth of a Salesman" by Carson V. Heady   "Birth of a Salesman" by Carson V. Heady EmptyTue Aug 17, 2010 7:11 am

Book trailers: "Birth of a Salesman"

Hey there…I hope this note finds you well!

My first novel BIRTH OF A SALESMAN is being published by World Audience, Inc. and is AVAILABLE TO ORDER!

I have wanted to write all my life and this is a dream come true; a lot of work went into the project and getting it made and I would be thrilled if you would share in the experience.

I always knew that if I was going to write something it would have to have a unique twist. Not only is BIRTH OF A SALESMAN a how-to-sell manual covering topics from preparation, introduction, fact-finding, pitching, closing and overcoming objections but it is a book within a book; there is a fictional component that surrounds and complements the how-to part that details the story of its fictional author, Vincent Scott. Vincent is an extraordinary but flawed leader and the story details the pitfalls, the promise, the friends, the foes and the clashes and controversy that make up his life. The story follows his journey and rise to power and his mission leading his team through a controversial time. There is intrigue, romance, conspiracy and betrayal.

Anyone with any inkling towards sales will gravitate towards the how-to-manual and the motivational teachings and sales meetings the fictional Vincent Scott conducts, yet you do not have to want to sell to find something in this story. Anyone who has ever had a job, lost something, fought for something, believed in anything, had a relationship or wanted more out of life will find something in BIRTH OF A SALESMAN.

The book can be ordered at

I would be honored by your support and feedback.

All the best!

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"Birth of a Salesman" by Carson V. Heady
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