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 Being prepared

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Abe F. March
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Abe F. March

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Being prepared Empty
PostSubject: Being prepared   Being prepared EmptyTue Aug 02, 2016 6:14 am

The future looks bleak.  Climate change causing the melt-down of the Artic, the rising of sea levels, flooding, etc., all lead to the subject of survival.  Water to drink and food to eat.  Not knowing if changes will be made soon enough, one is compelled to think of their own survival.  Looking to the past is a good place to start. 
Agriculture was a large part of our evolution.  Modern-day farming methods went from manual to mechanized labor.  Fields were plowed and cultivated.  Chemical fertilizers replaced natural fertilizers.  Instead of natural foods we now are faced with GMO’s whose long-term effects are still unknown. 
Many live in areas where having a good-looking lawn is more important than having a garden.  Lawns are treated with chemicals to destroy weeds and enhance growth that requires much work to maintain.
Imagine turning these lawns into gardens giving them equivalent amount of work.  Saving rain water to use for plants rather than using drinking water.
A TV program this past week showed how people in South America still plant like they did hundreds of years ago.  When planting corn, they then use a pole to make a hole next to the corn stalk and put in beans.  Between the rows they plant squash.  Instead of one harvest, they have three.  The beans climb the corn stalk and the squash keeps the weeds out between the rows.  Some years ago a distant cousin told me how he changed his planting.  He had three farms where he raised beef cattle.  He raised his own grain/food for the animals.  Instead of plowing the field as was the custom, instead he used a harrow to loosen the soil and then spread the seeds.  He said that he had a good crop and saved much time as well as money with planting.
With the upcoming election, I predict that America will be at war.  Clinton says she will bomb Iran.  The bully Trump will bomb anyone who he doesn’t like claiming he is after ISIS.  Reaction will be swift bringing in China and Russia and it could lead to a nuclear war.
Being prepared for survival is important.  Growing your own food and finding a place to store it is something to consider.  Water is something else.  How to have safe drinking water is something to study.
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Being prepared
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