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Nimrod Rising Book Cover - 003

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Nimrod Rising Book Cover - 003

Have you ever felt that the world was guided in ways that are beyond man’s control? The constant changes in the world since the time of Nimrod 4000 years ago until today and all the events that have shaken the world have been to bring the universe back into the hands of the Prince of Darkness, Lucia, a world that he had ruled with his Watchers before it was all ripped from his grasp when man was created. Nimrod Rising paints a diabolical picture of how the Prince of Darkness executes his evil plot to take the world back by force and destroy civilization in the process. From the Great Builder Nimrod in 4000 BC to today, 666 generations later, you can ride the storm of Nimrod Rising and experience the death of a world and the birth pangs of another. You will swear it is really upon us!

When two brothers are separated from birth they usually find great joy when
at last they discover each other. It is not always so harmonious,
though. StillBorn explores what can happen when an Illegal adoption
causes twins

Poster : Underground
Posted : Sun Jan 27, 2008 7:13 am
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Nimrod Rising Book Cover - 003
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 Nimrod Rising Book Cover - 003

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Nimrod Rising Book Cover - 003
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