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David James Munday
David James Munday is a fifty-four-year-old father of six. He is an amateur magician and loves making people laugh with his magical antics. David has always been interested in telling stories. He finds it a relaxing way of expressing his vivid imagination and quirky sense of humour. He started out just telling stories ad lib to entertain friends on long bus and car journeys. Responding to requests to see these tales written down, he started writing as a pastime, but this soon became a quest to get them published as the stories just kept on coming.

Now, thanks to YouWriteOn, he has just published his first children's novel, The Secret Dummy of Joshua Bean.

Scientist George Long has invented a formula that makes his strawberries grow very big. A criminal element are willing to do anything to get their hands on it. But after the formula contaminates a dummy belonging to three-year-old Joshua Bean, a new hero emerges to save the day.

They say good things come in small packages. Susan Long discovers Joshua is a small package full to the brim with big surprises. In an adventure involving kidnapping, helicopters, bombs and climbing the Eiffel Tower, Joshua Bean is the one three-year-old you really need on your side.

Click on the book cover to read the reviews on


“This is a humorous and refreshing read for fun loving adults and kids.”

“Brilliant for those bedtime story moments. Be warned though you will still be reading this even after they've gone to sleep!!” 


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