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 Interesting article about our modern world

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Interesting article about our modern world Empty
PostSubject: Interesting article about our modern world   Interesting article about our modern world EmptySun Jan 11, 2015 4:50 am

As some of you may have noticed, over the past few years I have developed an interest in numerology.  I'm not sure why.  It sounds pretty implausable, but somehow, the results of its application often seem valid.  This article by Christine DeLory is a case in point.  She gives an account of our current world situatiion that seems accurate from any standpoint, and it doesn't matter whether or not the numbers can be counted on (pun intended) or not.  Her conclusions still tell the story.  The article is quite long, and the excerpt doesn't cover anything beyond the basic gist of it, so following the link is well worth it, if you have the time.

Quote :
We are experiencing the rebalancing of power in all worldly matters, including the money-driven corruption in politics, science, business and the media. While greed fights on for what it believes is its right to take everything, we can expect a rough ride for some time to come. But what so few seem to notice, or remember, is that there is nothing as unstoppable and immeasurable as the power of Mother Nature. We ignore her at our peril.

Without an understanding of the vital role that balance plays in holding the world ‘together’, the 8 influence translates as greed and ignorance. By its nature, greed ignores any reality that does not feed its hunger for “more”! Greed must also convince others to deny reality so that it’s power-seeking mission can continue unobstructed. Greed must control, manipulate the truth, and capitalize on anything that suits its purpose, even if it stands to destroy other aspects of life.

Power-hungry people distort the truth by making it appear that they have more power than they actually have, using the natural emotion of fear as a weapon with which to overpower. Underdeveloped 8 energy is the energy of bullies who deny their enormous insecurity by projecting their fears onto others. Genuinely powerful people rarely have to assert themselves in an intimidating way.

“The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it,
ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is.”
Winston Churchill
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Interesting article about our modern world
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