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 The Most Dangerous Socialist in USA Today..Be Weary !

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PostSubject: The Most Dangerous Socialist in USA Today..Be Weary !   Sun Jan 24, 2016 10:11 pm


                 Do you know who are the most dangerous Socialists in the USA
today ? Many young people admire them and don't even realize what their 
asking for , a life they have in Cuba or a life like they have in Venezuela ? 
I believe someone has wake up these young people they don't know what
they wish for ! Here are the dangerous three Socialist running for President
one is going to announce soon God forbid !!..

                                  1. Bernie Sanders  100% Dangerous

                                  2. Hillary Clinton    100% Dangerous

                                  3. Michael Bloomberg 100% Dangerous

Just read the other day Bill Clinton is giving one of the biggest leftist Hispanic
guys lessons on how to be a vice-President and he must speak Spanish, his name
is Castro he's Mayor of San Antonio and his brother is Mayor of L.A. This guy's 
ideas is so dangerous I want to throw up anyone who would vote for these people
belongs in Communist Venezuela !!!!!

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The Most Dangerous Socialist in USA Today..Be Weary !
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