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 This will make your week..."Don't drink the water."

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Domenic Pappalardo
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PostSubject: This will make your week..."Don't drink the water."   Sun Jan 25, 2015 9:16 am

Have you ever wondered why they take the blood out of a person before they bury them?

What do they do with the blood? Has anybody ever asked? Why canít they bury them with their blood?

Here is something I picked upÖdead peoples blood goes into your drinking water.

You are drinking the blood of dead people. Donít believe it? Read what a Funeral director/ embalmer says;

I am a funeral director/embalmer, and am happy to answer this question for you. In about 99.99% of cases, embalming tables have a drain at the end. So the response above is correct, there is a drain. This drain leads to a receptacle, which is much like a toilet (for lack of a better description). The blood and body fluids that are removed during embalming are washed down this drain, and there it is flushed into the septic sewer where it will be treated by the waste water treatment plant.
In cases where the deceased was overcome by a contagious disease, these fluids are treated first with disinfectant. In my funeral home, there has been the odd case where a person who has passed away because of a communicable disease, and we have been required to dispose of the blood and body fluids in specialised toxic waste disposal units that are collected by a company that deal with this particular type of thing.
Here in Australia though, there are certain privacy laws that restrict us from knowing personal details about people, such as whether they passed away because of AIDS, Hepatitis or other communicable diseases. We are usually only made aware by the family of the deceased. Sadly, in this day and age, we treat every deceased person as though they died of a communicable and contagious disease. Some funeral homes in Australia will only dispose of the blood and bodily fluids through this specialised waste disposal company, but in the scheme of things, blood and body fluids are only a very small part of what actually goes into the water waste treatment system.

I hope this has been somewhat helpful. Smile

Read more: [url= / ixzz2nrWS8g4W]How are the bodily fluids disposed of when embalmed. | Answerbag[/url] [url= / ixzz2nrWS8g4W][/url]
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Abe F. March
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PostSubject: Re: This will make your week..."Don't drink the water."   Mon Jan 26, 2015 12:43 am

Much of whatever goes into the ground winds up in our water resources.† Previously I mentioned a situation in Germany where in the area of a US Air Force base, people were getting cancer.† It was traced to the drinking water.† Analysis determined what chemicals were in the water.† it was further traced to the Air Base.† Instead of using proper containers when draining oil from aircraft and other chemicals, the oil and other chemicals was drained directly into the ground.† When the Air Base closed down, anyone could buy the entire base with all the buildings and facilities for One Deutsche Mark, however a stipulation came with it that the buyer would be required to clean up the base, removing layers of top soil and the cost to do that would be in the hundreds of millions.† Eventually the government financed the clean-up and today the base is used for office buildings and retail stores.† The area water is once again drinkable and people becoming sick from the water has virtually gone to zero.†

We create many of our own problems by how we treat our environment.† That is nothing new, however there are still those in industry that do not comply with regulations and/or disposal is not regulated.† There are still those who don't believe in climate change and they are most often those who don't care about the effect they have on their environment.† To say that we are killing ourselves is an understatement.† In my view, money is the primary culprit.† Making money overrides other considerations and that is a big negative in our capitalistic society.
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PostSubject: Re: This will make your week..."Don't drink the water."   Mon Jan 26, 2015 5:41 pm

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PostSubject: Re: This will make your week..."Don't drink the water."   

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This will make your week..."Don't drink the water."
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