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Book Covers Tigers10
tigers cover048 small
Book one in Mary Cunningham's young reader fantasy/fiction series, Cynthia's Attic
Cynthia's Attic: The Missing Locket
One of My Cover Designs.
Spirit the Inner Man
A dramatic novel based in India - a valiant mother's battle to protect her children at any cost...
(1st published) 
  Forged in the crucible of loss and grief, I'll Walk You Home emerges as a story that is personal, moving, and inspiring. It is a story about the sudden death of a much loved father; a story of hope, love, and eternal life.
I'll Walk You Home
Available at Lyrical Press, Inc. on Oct. 6, 2008
Tree of Buried Secrets by Cassie Exline
book cover
Book Covers Pennyp10
Pennypack Creek
A dropship in flight.
Sons of Dragons - Book1: The Road of Kyle
Terror grips Manhattan as the Ankh Killer leaves a trail of strangled, mutilated women across the city. Then sanitation supervisor Anna Winthrop discovers the killer's latest victim in her own garage--coquettish Shari Baird, a member of Anna's crew. Tommy Mulligan, Anna's best worker, was seen running from Shari's body; he's arrested and thrown into a cell on Rikers Island. When Tommy's father begs Anna to prove his son's innocence, Anna agrees...

"This series kick-off...shows a nice eye for city life."--Kirkus Reviews on Death is Disposable

"An entertaining, keep-'em-guessing page-turner. A fine choice for those who like Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series."--Booklist on Death is Disposable

"Uses the city in all of its multifaceted glory."--Library Journal on Death is Disposable."
EVIL JUSTICE: A Hidden Manhattan Mystery by Evan Marshall
cover image 2
Of Orbs and Lords
By: P. Gordon Kennedy
Copyright 2007
41wo-cxzcrl. ss500 [1]
Annie has it all. She's attractive, graduated with honors, was accepted at the college of her choice, has supportive parents, good friends, and a steady boyfriend who loves her. One night when an unexpected visitor appears, Annie's safe world is destroyed. As she tries to recover the pieces of her broken life, a war ensues between two brothers who both claim to have her best interests at heart. But who will Annie choose? Or will she decide to turn her life in a different direction?

ISBN-10: 0-9797485-1-8
ISBN-13: 978-0-9797485-1-6


published by Sheaf House Publishers, LLC
It's Not About Me
Janoose the Goose likes life on the barnyard very much. She is there visiting her cousin, Molly Duck and her baby, DeeDee. Her vacation is over and Janoose must go home because there are no job openings on the farm.
When her flight home arrives, the fox’s has begun a crime spree. Though the farm animals had a farm watch program once, they were no good at it! It looks like Janoose is the only one who can stop him.
Blue Moon
blue moon cover
Kia Giavonni was the regular Norma Rae at Cunningham hats.
That's why it came as a shock to the entire town when Joseph Cunningham III decided to marry her.

An unlikely pair if there ever was one.  Joe had been the rich playboy boss, who came nose to nose with Kia on the factory floor.  Now he was making her his wife, to satisfy a grandfather's will.  

But it was all to save the factory and Joe and Kia found themselves fighting side by side to make it work.  Could they make their marriage work as well?
Strictdly Business
Janet Riehl writes a downhome family love story beyond death in accessible story poems and archival photos.
Sightlines: A Poet's Diary
His eyes blink. The music stops. Eighteen-year-old Jeff Howard's terror-filled eyes dart across the sanctuary. Mom and dad are eternally gone. Jeff knows.
 Sixteen-year-old Amanda Fountain doesn't know. How long can they survive in a world filled with unspeakable evil and life-stifling terror when no one can be trusted? Can they trust each other?
Refuge In Emptiness (2007) by Nellotie Porter Chastain
World Collapse or New Eden, Your World in 2011 eBook - 101 Expert Predictions about Your Future
World Collapse or New Eden, Your World in 2011
The House on the Shore
house on the shore small
Arirang: The Bamboo Connection - a tale of adventure laced together with the agonies and ecstasies of unrequited love.  Grab your passport and come along for the sail of your life.
Arirang: The Bamboo Connection
Paranormal novel. evil from Ouija boards and telepathy from a serial killer.
An Author's Nightmare
Candy Arnold has been nearly killed by a raging bull, shot at, and her trailer stolen.  She's moved to an inherited ranch in the Panhandle of Texas intent on making it her home. So why is everyone so determined to run her off that land?  And could it be Joe Munroe, her sexy ranching neighbor who threatens to steal her heart?
Suspicions of the Heart
Book Covers 1962_c10
Twisted Tails II Volume One
Twisted Tails II Volume One
Have you ever felt that the world was guided in ways that are beyond man’s control? The constant changes in the world since the time of Nimrod 4000 years ago until today and all the events that have shaken the world have been to bring the universe back into the hands of the Prince of Darkness, Lucia, a world that he had ruled with his Watchers before it was all ripped from his grasp when man was created. Nimrod Rising paints a diabolical picture of how the Prince of Darkness executes his evil plot to take the world back by force and destroy civilization in the process. From the Great Builder Nimrod in 4000 BC to today, 666 generations later, you can ride the storm of Nimrod Rising and experience the death of a world and the birth pangs of another. You will swear it is really upon us!

When two brothers are separated from birth they usually find great joy when
at last they discover each other. It is not always so harmonious,
though. StillBorn explores what can happen when an Illegal adoption
causes twins
Nimrod Rising Book Cover - 002
Brian L Porter's novella, coming soon in paperback from Still Waves Publishing. See
Avenue of the Dead (Paperback edition)
Cover of my new book
cover final proof
A mystery of love, lies and redemption wrapped in the aura of the mystical ghost orchid, high in the cypress canopy.  Is love eternal?
Ghost Orchid
In a land where fear rules and storytelling spells death, only one bard's imagination can end the tyranny.

Q’ntana’s nights are moonless and dark. Its days are darker still, as black-clad armies terrorize the countryside. 

Now, one young bard must come out of hiding to embark on The MoonQuest, the long-prophesied journey to end the dominion of a cruel king. With nothing but stories to guide him, he and his three companions share an adventure where the line between vision and reality isn't clear and where evil threatens them in every moment. 

Only by trusting each other can they elude the king's men. Only by trusting themselves can they save Q’ntana and rekindle the light of the moon. A gripping and epic adventure rich with universal truth. 
The MoonQuest: A True Fantasy
Book Covers Hoosie10
hoosier hot shots cover
The daughter of a Christian pastor and the son of a Mormon Bishop fall in love amidst an atmosphere of fear and hatred. It was a love so wonderful, it refused to die. A story so shocking, it struggled to be told. An act so atrocious, it remained shrouded in secrecy for over a hundred years.
September Dawn
Of Orbs and Lords
By: P. Gordon Kennedy
Copyright 2007
Of Orbs and Lords
Readers met him in Forgotten. Now it's Tom's turn...

Tom gave up on ever falling in love again the day that he buried his high school sweetheart and fiancé. He started a career in law enforcement just so that he could find her murderer and rapist.
Within the Law
A novel.  Tragedy, betrayal, love and hardship will capture your interest and hold you to the end.
Memories Of A Forgotten Past
The Button That Should Never, Ever, Ever Be Pushed!
Book Covers Jansse10
Unscrambled Eggs
Unscrambled Eggs
Book Covers Rantsa10
Rants Against the Right-Wing
Dove Island...FREE READ
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