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 AntiChrist's Dark Hour; Revelation of the Children of Light

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AntiChrist's Dark Hour; Revelation of the Children of Light Empty
PostSubject: AntiChrist's Dark Hour; Revelation of the Children of Light   AntiChrist's Dark Hour; Revelation of the Children of Light EmptyTue Apr 30, 2013 4:35 pm

Avalilable on

Chapter One


Radio silence had to be
kept. It didn’t matter what was transpiring across the Atlantic Ocean and other
parts of the hemisphere where the Breakaways militia was concerned. The Missy
May had to reach Turkey. She was still sea worthy thanks to the fact that the
Commander of Anti-Christ’s forces hadn’t had time to do any real damage to her
small frame, due to the storm breaking her free from the small dock where she
had been anchored.

The angel had been specific.
He had ordered the five swordsmen plus one to sail her to Turkey. No further
instructions had been given. The point was that their mission on Shasta
Mountain had been successful. They had slain two hundred giants, which would
otherwise have killed who knows how many believers in Christ.

Being translated
miraculously and instantaneously was something unexpected. Jael pondered her
life from being a small town waitress in Arizona, to being known as Angel-One
in the army known only as the Breakaways. The transformation was mind boggling.
The losses had been almost insurmountable.

Lord, you used my parents Rachel and Jacob to help Captain Steven
Johnston survive the terrible island known as Terra Verde. You had him bring
back crucial Intel, which the Breakaways could use to battle anti-Christ. You allowed
him and my parents to be killed by anti-Christ’s forces. You brought me into
the knowledge of all these things and called me into this battle against

0nce we found my sword there was no turning back for me. I knew at that
point that I truly was called to battle anti-Christ’s forces. Thank you for the
abilities you endowed my sword with. They have come in handy. They have saved
our lives on more than one occasion.

Terra Verde was an awful place. Watching Mike, Joey, Ben, and Colonel
Saunders; my fellow swordsmen being killed, almost destroyed me. Had it not
been for the angel’s visitation, I surely would have given up the fight. Thank
you Lord for giving me courage to continue this fight.

Ben was the most decent man I had ever known. I loved him Lord. I was
hoping we could have been married. But you had other plans, and I know that you
know best. Just the same, it sure would have been nice to settle down and raise
a family. Ben would have made a great father.


“Oh, sorry Captain John. I
was lost in thought.”

“Thinking about the other
swordsmen you lost on Terra Verde?”

“Yeah, that and wondering
what we are being sent into the dragon’s lair for.”

“As Colonel Saunders was
always pointing out…”

“Yeah, I know. I’m on a need
to know basis.”

They both laughed.

“Was it a private joke, or
can anybody be let in on it?”

“Oh, hi Johnny boy. We were
just reminiscing about Colonel Saunders and the other swordsmen who lost their
lives on Terra Verde.”

“So what’s the joke?”

“It’s just that we haven’t
yet been told why we’re going to Turkey, and Colonel Saunders was always saying
that I was on a need to know basis,” said Jael to First Mate John Presley, whom
they now called Johnny boy to avoid confusion between him and Captain John.

“I get it. I never really
met Colonel Saunders. I only knew him through Intel given from time to time.”

“You would have liked him,”
said Jael.

“Yes, you would have liked
him,” echoed Captain John.

“Whom would we have liked,”
came Kooky’s voice from behind the three?

“We’re talking about Colonel
Saunders. He was one of the swordsmen who died on Terra Verde fighting giants.
He was also the leader of the Breakaways movement,” said Captain John.

“Yes, I remember the
ceremony we had replacing him at headquarters.”

“Headquarters, did I hear
headquarters being mentioned,” boomed Daniel’s voice from behind the four?

“Oh boy, here we go again,”
said Jael.

“We were NOT talking about
headquarters,” said Kooky sternly.

“I distinctly heard
headquarters being mentioned,” retaliated Daniel.

“Yes, but we were NOT
specifically talking about headquarters,” answered Kooky.

“Well then, what were you
specifically talking about hmmm?”

Jael let out a laugh.
Captain John and Johnny boy joined in.

“It appears that things are
getting back to normal,” said Captain John.

“It would appear,” said
Johnny boy.

“Why, were things getting
out of hand,” came Ezekiel’s voice from behind the other five who were looking
out over the ocean?

“Oh no, not again,” said

Laughter once again erupted.

“Things are fine,” said
Captain John.

“But they WERE getting out
of hand, weren’t they,” mocked Ezekiel.

Laughter once again erupted
as they tried to hold it together.

“Look, there is nothing
wrong. We were just talking about Colonel Saunders,” said Kooky harshly.

“Oh, I love his chicken,”
said Ezekiel.

That threw the five
swordsmen over the edge as they roared in laughter for the next two minutes

“I don’t understand what’s
so funny about liking chicken,” said Ezekiel.

It took another few minutes
before they were able to stop laughing and explain just who Colonel Saunders
was and how he had given his life for Christ’s kingdom.

“Oh, now I feel foolish,”
said Ezekiel.

“It was an honest mistake,”
comforted Jael.

“Yes, anybody could make
it,” reassured Captain John.

With that they erupted in
laughter one last time.

Ezekiel stood there not
knowing quite what to say or do.

“Since you mentioned
chicken, let’s see what I can rustle up for us to eat,” said Captain John.

“Now you’re talking,” said

“Excellent idea,” added

“I was afraid to ask about
food,” said Ezekiel.

“Well don’t be afraid to
ask, you’re one of the family now,” said Johnny boy.

“That’s right, even if you
did confuse a swordsmen with a plate of chicken,” said Kooky.

“Leave him alone,” said

“Thanks,” said Ezekiel.

“No problem, Kooky gets some
getting used to is all.”

“Oh, so I take some getting
used to do I?”

“Hey, if you guys want to
eat on my ship any time soon, knock it off,” said Captain John sternly.

“Blame it on him,” said

“I was only joking,”
retaliated Kooky.

“It’s okay; I’m the one to
blame for confusing the Colonel with a plate of chicken.”

With that they all busted up
laughing again as Captain John went to find out how on earth he was going to
make a meal big enough to feed five grown men and one petite female.

“What’ll we do till
dinnertime,” queried Daniel?

“We could teach Ezekiel how
to handle a sword,” said Daniel.

“Now THAT is an excellent
idea,” said Johnny boy.

“You see Kooky, I do have my

“Yeah, okay Daniel, so you
have a good idea once in a blue moon.”

“I’d like to learn how to
use a sword.”

“Then learn you shall,” said

They spent the next hour and
a half teaching Ezekiel what they knew about handling a sword. Each one had a
different style and a different approach. Ezekiel was getting a little confused
as he tried to listen to them all mutter about how best to handle a sword.

“So which one of you learned
how to use a sword first?”

It was then, and only then,
that the four stopped and thought about the fact that none of them had actually
been trained to use a sword. Ezekiel had put them to shame without even knowing
it. Each swordsmen looked at the other and knew exactly what each was thinking.
They lowered their heads in shame for their pride.

“Well, actually Ezekiel,
none of us knew how to handle a sword until we held our individual swords in
our hand. Then, something miraculous happened and our swords became like an
extension of our own body,” ‘fessed up Jael.

Ezekiel had a look of
disgust on his face.

“Then how did you expect to
train me how to use a sword, if none of you had ever been trained?”

It took a while for anyone
to speak, but finally the silence was broken.


“Let’s eat,” said Ezekiel
with a smirk on his face to let the others know he was only kidding and wasn’t
really disgusted with them.

“I’ll second that,” said

“I’ll third that,” said

“Looks like things really
are getting back to normal,” said Johnny boy.

“I’ll second THAT,” said
Jael with a smile.

Johnny boy held out his arm,
and Jael took it. They strolled across the small deck of the Missy May and
joined the others in their first official dinner aboard the Missy May. The meal
consisted of homemade stew from canned potatoes, tomatoes, beef chunks, celery,
and onions.

It was topped off with
French bread that had been frozen and thawed out just for the occasion. It was
a meal fit for a Captain and his misfit configuration of warriors doing God’s
work the only way they knew how; one day at a time.

“So tell me, how do you like
my first attempt at a gourmet meal?”

“This rivals anything I had
on Shasta Mountain Captain John.”

“I’ll take that as a
compliment Ezekiel.”

“This is delicious Captain
John,” said Daniel.

“The best,” added Kooky.

“Finally, something they
could agree on,” quipped Johnny boy.

“Maybe it is the start of a
new trend,” said Jael.

“Do they really argue that
much,” asked Ezekiel.

“You don’t know the half of
it,” said Captain John.

“We don’t argue, we
disagree,” said Kooky.

“Yeah,” said Daniel
defending Kooky.

“It all started with a new
suit that Daniel wanted while we were at headquarters,” said Johnny boy.

“Now to be fair, Kooky was
only trying to save the Breakaways some money,” said Captain John.

“That’s right,” said Kooky.

“My brand new suit. It was the
first one I ever owned,” said Daniel.

“What happened to the suit,”
asked Ezekiel?

“I spilled spaghetti all
over it,” said Daniel sheepishly.

“I told them not to get it
for him,” said Kooky defiantly.

“Yes, but you didn’t explain
that you had seen a vision of him spilling his food all over it. You merely
told us that he would spill without explaining it in detail,” said Johnny boy.

“That’s right,” said Jael.

“Well, I didn’t want to let
on how I knew because I was new to visions,” said Kooky.

“You have visions,” asked
Ezekiel quizzically?

“I have them occasionally.”

“Are they fun?”


“Yeah, is it fun knowing
what’s going to happen?”

The others let out a laugh.

“Visions are not for fun
Ezekiel, they are for helping you in your walk with the Lord,” explained
Captain John.

“Sorry, it is just that you
all seem to have these gifts from God and I seem to be the only one without a
gift from Him.”

“Don’t worry Ezekiel, you’ll
find your gift when you least expect it,” said Jael.

“I hope so.”

“Relax, it will show itself
when you need it most,” echoed Johnny boy.

Chapter Two

War on the Atlantic

“Battle stations everyone,”
bellowed Captain Randolph over the ship’s intercom system!

“Enemy sighted Captain,
fifteen degrees off the starboard side,” said the assistant helmsman.

“Enemy approaching, fifteen
degrees off starboard side,” repeated Captain Randolph into the intercom.

“Raise guns,” came the order
from the deck.

“Guns raised,” came back the


The shots from the four
sixteen inch rounds made their deafening roar and the projectiles sailed
through the air towards their targets. There were at least five ships, one of
which was a battleship about the same size as Captain Randolph’s ship. One of
the four shells hit one of the smaller vessels causing a fire to erupt aboard

“Nice shot men,” came
Captain Randolph’s voice over the intercom.

There was return fire from
the enemy’s battleship which just missed Captain Randolph’s ship. The smaller
vessels were not yet in range, so they were no real threat at this stage of the
battle. However, as a safety precaution, Captain Randolph decided it was time
to bring out the drones to cripple if possible the enemy’s forces.

“Radio Controller, send up
the drones and make sure they’re armed.”

“Right Captain,” came back
the reply.

The drones left the deck of
the battleship and soared into the sky at phenomenal speed. They climbed up
into the atmosphere fully loaded with small missile projectiles capable of
penetrating the hulls of the smaller ships. The missiles had heat seeking
capability and since the drones were much smaller than conventional planes,
they would be harder to strike down.

Another round of sixteen
inch shells were released from Captain Randolph’s battleship. One stuck the
enemy battleship on her bow. The other shells fell into the water missing their
mark. The deafening roar of the shots made it difficult to hear orders that
were being shouted from the deck, even with the radio pieces stuck inside the
men’s ears. But the battle instructions were getting through as the orders rang

Those who were on machine
guns readied themselves for when the vessels got within firing range of their
smaller projectiles. They watched as another round of sixteen inch shells came
at them from the enemy ship. One of the shells passed harmlessly over the heads
of the men on machine guns. One of their voices rang out.

“Thank you Jesus!”

The drones had reached their
targeted altitude. The radio controller was manually controlling them through
live feed video. He maneuvered them with fancy twists and turns to make it more
difficult for them to be destroyed before they had dropped their payloads upon
the smaller vessels. The first drone fired its first payload.

The missile fell on the
midsection of its mark. The radio controller repositioned the drone and fired
its second missile. It was a direct hit on the stern of the same ship. The
vessel lay floating helplessly as the cameras from the drones showed the men
scurrying to put out the fires.

The second drone fired its
first missile upon another of the smaller ships. The guns from the ship
intercepted the missile and it exploded midair. Reassigning the drone location,
the radio controller fired the second missile towards the same ship. It struck
the ship on the side causing a massive hole. The ship was now taking on water,
and the men were abandoning ship.

Captain Randolph was no
fool. He had told his two back up ships to hide themselves very close to the
hull of his ship on the opposite side so as not to be seen immediately by the
enemy. This maneuver turned out to be a brilliant move on Captain Randolph’s
part. He now ordered them to pull out from behind the battleship and go in
opposite directions towards the smaller ships that were still at full capacity
with the enemy’s battleship.

They pulled out full steam
ahead going north and south before turning back upon the battle. This forced
the battle to be thrown into three different directions and lessened the chance
that the main battleship would be damaged as much during the fighting. The
smaller vessels were evenly matched as were the battleships now.

Wishing to help preserve his
smaller vessels, the captain of the enemy battleship ordered his guns trained
upon Captain Randolph’s smaller vessels. This was what Captain Randolph had
hoped would happen. He knew those ninnies would be concerned about not having
to explain the total loss of their smaller ships to anti-Christ. He took
advantage of this huge mistake and ordered his battleship to turn full face
towards the enemy battleship, but stay towards the bow of it on the sea.

“Reposition the drone to
take out the large gun towards the bow of the enemy’s battleship.”

“Rodger that,” came back the
reply from the radio controller of the drones.

“Fire when ready.”

“Firing now, Captain.”

The small missile hit its
mark. It destroyed the firing capability of the most frontal gun of the enemy
battleship. Captain Randolph took this opportunity to fire his big guns once
again. They struck full force upon the bridge of the battleship. The whole ship
blew up and began to sink. A few men jumped into the water before the explosion
and were swimming around.

Being completely
concentrated on the enemy battleship, Captain Randolph didn’t see that both of
the smaller ships had turned towards his ship. They fired their smaller rounds
along with their machine guns causing fires to erupt aboard the battleship, and
men to be killed.

In so doing, they had
sacrificed any possibility of fighting off Captain Randolph’s fast approaching
smaller ships. They were overtaken and destroyed by the Breakaway ships. Their
armory had done substantial damage however which would take weeks to repair,
not to mention the loss of lives.

“Pick up the survivors, we
may be able to interrogate them later,” came Captain Randolph’s orders over the
intercom system which had somehow survived the onslaught.

A few of the bullets had
even penetrated the helm and narrowly missed hitting Captain Randolph. He was
counting his blessings, while at the same time mourning his losses of men. He
had to keep concentrating on his command of his ship.

“When you’ve picked up all
the survivors, take them below and put them in the holding tank. Do not abuse
them; we need them to be able to talk!”

Captain Randolph put down
the microphone. He was a bit shaken, but glad they had not been sunk by the
enemy battleship.

Thank you Lord Jesus that was a close one.

“Call in the drones.”

“As per your order sir,”
came back the reply from the radio controller.

The fires had been doused.
They were beginning to pick up the survivors from the enemy ships. It would
take another few hours to complete the task. Captain Randolph left his helmsmen
in charge of the ship and went below to await those who would be brought in for
questioning. He would need information as to how massive this attack was.

I wonder lord; did headquarters get attacked?

It was another half hour
before the first set of survivors was brought below. Captain Randolph had gone
to his quarters awaiting a knock on his door. He was in prayer when the knock


“First survivors ready to be
interviewed, Captain.”

“I’ll be right there.”

“Roger that.”

Lord, please give me wisdom on how best to interrogate these men. I
need to know the closest battles to be able to go to their aid.

Captain Randolph made his way
across the deck of his damaged ship. He knew it would take some time to fix,
but most of what they needed was aboard the ship and what they didn’t have they
could get from the next port they docked. He went below to the holding tank.

“Prisoners are inside sir.”

“Thank you lieutenant.”

Entering into the holding
tank, Captain Randolph looked over his prisoners. They were not very old. Most
were just over twenty. He grieved that they had been seduced by the empty
promises of anti-Christ. He approached his first potential information stoolie.

“What’s your name young

The innocent looking
youngster spat on the Captain’s shoes. One of the Captain’s men struck him on
the cheek.

“No call for that soldier,
you know they are in the gall of bitterness.”

“Right, sorry Captain.”

“The only bitterness is the
bitterness you will feel when anti-Christ gets a hold of you, my fine feathered
Captain,” said the young man being interrogated.

“It would seem that we have
a loyal subject on our hands.”

“That’s right, so you can
beat me all you want. I’m not giving you any information.”

“We don’t have any intention
of beating you. We would however appreciate a little cooperation.”

“Well you won’t get it from

“That’s fine. Maybe one of
your fellow prisoners will appreciate a full course meal with a nice bed to
sleep in.”

“They aren’t going to tell
you anything.”

“Allow them to speak for

“He’s right,” came the voice
of the next young man in line.

“So you also refuse to say
anything about where the other attacks are going on?”

“In the first place, it
would be our heads.”

“Right now, it would seem
your head, is mine to do with as I please.”

“Just the same, we know your
code of conduct will not permit you to kill us the same way we would die under

“Give the man a star; he has
done his homework where Christianity is concerned.”

The third man in the lineup

“Just out of curiosity, what
was the full offer of anyone who could give you information about other battles
going on?”

“Shut up you nincompoop,”
said the second man in the lineup.

“What? It was only a

“Keep your questions to

“Well, since you asked, I
was offering a three course meal with meat, mashed potatoes, and fruit. Of
course there would be a very nice dessert as well.”

“I heard you say something
about a warm bed to sleep in.”

“SHUT UP,” came the voice of
the first man in the lineup!

“Yes, a warm bed and some
clean clothes. In fact, there would be a whole wardrobe of clean clothes and a
week’s worth of three course meals. That, and full access to the deck of the
ship with armed guards of course.”

“That sounds pretty good to

“One more word and I’ll kill
you myself,” said the second man in the interrogation lineup.

“YOU are in no position to
threaten killing anyone,” said Captain Randolph!

“Yeah,” said the third man
in the lineup.

“Lieutenant, take this man
and get him some clean clothes. Take another guard with you.”

“At your word Captain.”

“You’ll be sorry,” said the
first soldier who had refused the Captain’s offer.

“I think you are the one who
is going to be sorry, when I show you what I have planned for you and those who
refuse to cooperate.”

“Do your worst.”

“Anyone else want a week’s
worth of free meals and a nice warm bed to sleep in while we escort you to our
prison facilities?”

Nothing but silence was

“Fine. Take these men in
their wet clothes and put them to work in place of those who are shoveling the
garbage into the bins on conveyer belts to fuel this ship. I don’t think they
will have quite the same attitude after a few hours of real manual labor.”

The guards escorted the
remainder of the twenty men they had rescued from the sea into the fueling
room. They were handed a shovel and placed under armed guards who explained to
them just what to do. They refused to work at first, so the guards fired a
couple of shots into the huge piles of garbage before the men. This prompted
them to start shoveling.

Their clothes soon dried out
due to the extreme heat of the place. The regular workers were extremely happy
that they had gotten out of this heavy-duty work and had been replaced by slave
labor. After all, these men had been given a choice. They had just chosen

The hours passed as the
prisoners filled up the bins moving along to fuel the huge battleship. It
normally would only take a full load of garbage to keep the ship running for
two days, but there were storage containers which could hold much more fuel if
they continued to fill the open mouth of the monstrous center bin where the
other bins were dumped.

After about five hours, some
of the prisoners began to faint. They were of course taken back to the holding
tank and questioned as to whether they would like to change their attitude.
Meanwhile, Captain Randolph had gotten a little information which paid off.

“Are you sure of all this

“Yes, Captain. I am positive
that it is accurate,” said the prisoner who had wisely decided to cooperate.

“Take him up to the mess
hall and fill his plate with whatever he wants from our menu. Make sure he is
given his own room with plenty of stocked beverages.”

“Oh man, I haven’t had a
beer in over a week.”

“Sorry, no beer. Just water
and cold juices.”

“Yeah, I was afraid of that.
I forgot for a moment where I was.”

“You’ll get used to it.”

“I guess I’ll have to.”

The guards escorted him to
the mess hall. Captain Randolph, went topside to give the men the bad news. He
went straight to the helm and got on the loudspeaker.

“Men, we have an emergency.
It would seem that most of anti-Christ’s navy has been sent to headquarters to
bombard it with firepower in an effort to destroy our movement. They have our
frequency due to the capture of the Missy May. I’ve radioed headquarters on our
emergency frequency, which is different from our regular frequency. They are preparing
for the onslaught now.”

The men on deck removed
their hats and bowed their heads. Captain Randolph led them in prayer.

“Lord, this is indeed a sad
day. The enemy has infiltrated our radio waves and has gotten pertinent
information, which he intends to use to destroy YOUR work. Please be our shield
and our protection as we battle on your behalf.”

“AMEN,” came the answer from
the men on deck!

One of the men without
thinking let out a shout.


“AND ONE FOR ALL,” came back
the answer aboard the whole ship!

HEADQUARTERS,” shouted Captain Randolph into the microphone!

“Roger that, Captain.”

The ship turned towards
headquarters and was on its way to aid those who were now in danger.

“All available ships in
range of this ship, this is Archangel. Headquarters in danger. Repeat,
headquarters in danger. Heading there now, suggest you do the same if not
engaged in enemy battle.”

The extra fuel being
shoveled into the bins would keep the ship at maximum speed with no problem. The
slave labor could not have come at a more opportune time. The guards smiled as
they watched their enemies being forced to help them get back to headquarters
where they could assist their fellow Christians who were now in trouble.

“Work faster,” said the lead
guard as he fired another shot into one of the piles of garbage used to fuel
the massive battleship!

The slaves picked up their
pace even as they felt the pain of their forced labor.

Maybe it wouldn’t have been such a bad idea to have given them some information,
thought the
third man Captain Randolph had questioned.

Maybe I shouldn’t have been so quick to spit on the Captain’s shoes, thought the first man
Captain Randolph had questioned.

“Keep moving,” shouted the
main guard with a smile on his face.

Chapter Three

Smooth Sailing; Enemy Forces
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AntiChrist's Dark Hour; Revelation of the Children of Light
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