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 My Book on Revelation, Revealingly Different

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Maurice A. Williams

Maurice A. Williams

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My Book on Revelation, Revealingly Different Empty
PostSubject: My Book on Revelation, Revealingly Different   My Book on Revelation, Revealingly Different EmptyWed Aug 20, 2008 3:42 pm

The Book of Revelation has been interpreted many different ways throughout history. The most widely read interpretations, today, propose that most of the prophecies have not yet happened. It seems strange to me that a revelation that begins with the words "which must happen very soon" and ends with the words "has sent his angel to show his servants what must happen very soon" should not have happened for twenty centuries.

In my book: “Revelation: Fall of Judea, Rise of the Church,” I focus on three concepts from Scripture: John the Baptist announced who the Messiah is; those who try to destroy the Messiah’s mission will themselves be destroyed (Judea ceased to exist as a nation from A.D. 135 until recent times); and Satan will be released after one thousand years to deceive the nations.

Unlike many popular interpretations of Revelation that predict a future rapture and tribulation, I propose that many of the predictions happened during the early Church age as unbelievers tried to destroy Christ’s Church. Satan, as predicted, was released to deceive the nations one thousand years after the Church was firmly established. As a result, the world today is filled with thousands of conflicting Christian sects and with non-Christian, occult, even anti-Christian movements that have propelled humans to as dangerous a rebellion against God as the one before the flood.

I'm curious if anyone else wonders about this.


Maurice A. Williams
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Brenda Hill
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Five Star Member
Brenda Hill

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My Book on Revelation, Revealingly Different Empty
PostSubject: Re: My Book on Revelation, Revealingly Different   My Book on Revelation, Revealingly Different EmptyWed Aug 20, 2008 4:21 pm

I was raised in a Christian religion and never questioned anything
until I became an adult. Then I met a friend who was a Jehovah's
Witness, and I remembered how, when I was a child, everyone in the
neighborhood shut their doors and pulled the shades when the Witnesses
started knocking on doors. I questioned my friend about her 'strange'
beliefs, and the more I questioned and the more I investigated, the
more questions I had.

Since then, I've studied a bit of their religion as well as many others
and have found some truth, at least to me, in most religions and
beliefs. I began to question everything. When Holy Blood, Holy Grail
was released in the early '80s, I read that as well, so when The Da
Vinci Code was released, it wasn't a shock.

So to answer your question(s) yes, I've wondered, not only about your
theories, but about many others as well. I'm not exactly sure what I
believe today, but I find the different theories fascinating.
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My Book on Revelation, Revealingly Different
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