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 Proof reading and editing

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PostSubject: Proof reading and editing   Proof reading and editing EmptyFri Nov 30, 2012 3:13 am

I've finished the easy bit; written my novel.
50,800 words. A little light, I know but everybody says; tell the story, don't count the words. So that's what I've done.
What I'd really like to do now is have my manuscript professionally edited and proof read.
I’ve had a few on-line quotes based on the word count, which have been a bit scary.
Would any of you rate the programme Grammarly as a starting point, or would that be a waste of time and money. I know I will need a human to proof read eventually but would Grammarly be a shot before presenting?

Any personal recommendations would be appreciated.
If anyone on the forum is into editing and proof reading, please drop me a pm.

Also; self-publishing to Kindle is this a serious option?

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PostSubject: Re: Proof reading and editing   Proof reading and editing EmptyThu Dec 20, 2012 11:01 am


I am no professional, but I am ok with english and grammer. I edited my book four times and every time I did it I found at least punctuation errors. I am sure an English major could look at my book and find plenty of mistakes yet. I tried to get friends to read it but nobody was getting back with me after two months. I have two friends who are retired English professors but neither had time to do it though they said they would. Bottom line is, I edited it all myself until I felt comfortable that it read smoothly.

My personal feeling is that if you have the ability to do a decent editing of your book then you should be safe to self publish as an ebook. I say this because you will probably sell it for 3.99 or less and have partake of the free promotions that Amazon allows. I still want to get my English teacher friend to edit it more thoroughly before I put it to actual print. Nobody should have to pay for a paperback copy that has not been properly edited.

Yes, self publishing to Kindle (Amazon) is a great trend. It is becoming quite the slush pile so you definately want to do your best in editing and content to stand out. If you are a new author, it is a great way to "get your feet wet" and start getting an understanding of your new business/hobby!

With all of this said, know that I only just published my book on Amazon a week ago and am in the beginning of the learning stage. Keep reading here and asking questions. I am learning a lot just reading content that pertains to me at this time.

Good luck!!
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Proof reading and editing
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