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 Sequel to AntiChris'ts Birth; The Solomon Island Mystery

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Sequel to AntiChris'ts Birth; The Solomon Island Mystery  Empty
PostSubject: Sequel to AntiChris'ts Birth; The Solomon Island Mystery    Sequel to AntiChris'ts Birth; The Solomon Island Mystery  EmptyThu Dec 01, 2011 6:00 pm

UFOs, giants, government conspiracies:

The next generation battles antiChrist's forces on Terra Verde; a small Solomon Island with big mysteries.

"The Legend of the Cave"



The cave offered relief from the hot summer sun. Mike took off his back pack, removing his water bottle. It was insulated, and kept the water at a moderate temperature. He wiped the sweat from his face with the small towel he had brought for just this purpose. He wiped the dust off his neck, and from behind his ears. He was just about to settle back and take a much needed nap, when it first caught his attention.

He thought it might be a reflection off of something shiny in the cave. He decided to take a closer look. Nope, this was definitely a ray of sunlight coming through the back side of the cave. He was careful to move slowly, as he walked through the fifteen foot cave. Although it was a small cave, there were many boulders and smaller rocks within it.

The little bit of light coming from outside the cave, gave him enough visibility to make his way to the back of the cave. He put out his hand to touch the small hole, and was surprised to find how warm it was to the touch. The sunlight coming through it had been softened by the coolness of the cave, but the hole still felt warm enough. The hole was about waist high, and easily accessible.

He leaned against the boulder in front of it, and peered through the quarter sized hole. The hole was not round as if man made; it was as if maybe an earthquake had shifted the dirt and part of the wall had cracked a small holing open. At first, all he saw was more cave. Not much here; another room about the same size, or just a bit bigger. Then, he saw it, on the far left of the cave.

He stepped back for a minute, as if in disbelief. What had he stumbled onto? He had heard the legends; he used to tell them to small children or strangers who had come to visit his small desert town in southern Arizona. Still in shock, he muttered to himself that it was impossible, impossible. He took another look to reassure himself he was not suffering from too much sun. Nope, he had seen what he had seen; there was no doubt about it. Stunned and a bit excited, he walked back to the front portion of the cave to sit and think about what he was going to do about this discovery.

Who can I tell? What’s my next step? His thoughts raced through his mind as he began to feel the full effect of his journey through the hot desert sun. He lay back and fell fast asleep. He was thoroughly exhausted. By the time he awoke, the sun was setting. He was beginning to feel the sting of the cold desert wind whipping through the cave. He pulled out the wool lined jacket he had in his back pack. He also pulled his high powered flashlight out. It was time to try to make sense of this discovery. It was time to make some sense out of...THE LEGEND OF THE CAVE.

The high powered flashlight cut through the darkness of the night like a laser beam would cut through butter. Mike had bought it just days before on account of his old flashlight had been dropped once too often to be worth a darn. Mike was a hands on type of guy and knew how to pack. He had brought along matches, just in case he was out longer than expected. He used the flashlight to gather small shrubbery and grass to light a fire. He pulled out his twelve inch knife from its sheave to cut these into smaller pieces, which would ignite faster.

Before long, the fire was blazing. Mike made his way to the back of the cave, using his flashlight only long enough to locate the small hole once again. He began plunging his big knife into the semi hard dirt of the wall. He wanted to make the hole large enough to poke his head through, for a better look.

Again and again, he plunged his knife. He twisted and pried, to get the most out of each plunge. After what seemed like an eternity, he was satisfied that he had made the hole large enough, and poked his arm still clinging to the flashlight, and his head through the opening he had made.

What Mike had seen earlier, was in fact only a small portion of what lie behind the wall. There was no longer any doubt in his mind. The old legends of a race of giants that lived in a cave somewhere in these parts of the southern Arizona desert were all true; TRUE! Three whole skeletal remains were chained to the wall of the cave. The teeth of these giants were sharp and double rowed, like a shark’s mouth would be. Legend had it that they were cannibalistic by nature, and now it appeared as though this was highly likely. They had been cuffed to the wall, using copper chains, stakes, and cuffs. They even had copper bands upon their heads.

These were a mystery, as they were not used to bind them to the wall in any way. There was writing on the wall. It appeared to be Hebrew in nature. Mike had studied Hebrew in college just for extra credit as he got his degree in horticulture. The darkness made Mike’s fear increase, as he gazed upon what would in his mind be the find of the century. Mike pulled backwards into the front part of the cave again. He needed to think this discovery through, before he did anything about it. Although he had brought food, he had not eaten any of it due to his excitement. The lack of food caused him to become exhausted again, and he drifted off to sleep, next to the comforting fire he had built.

The soft glow of sunrise awakened Mike from his sleep. Mike removed his shirt, and used some of his remaining water to refresh himself. He knew the desert well enough to know that if he ran low on water, he could suck on the local cacti to get water enough for his short journey home. Mike lived about 5 miles from the cave, in a trailer home just outside of town. Now if I told you what town I was talking about, it would cheapen the mystery of this story. Let’s just say it was a small town, shall we? But back to our story.

On the way home, Mike half wished it had been someone else with more experience in these types of finds that had found the cave. He would have heard about the find on the radio, or read it in the newspaper. It would have been someone else’s burden to bear. But, he had found it, and that, as they say, was that! Mike arrived home around 4:00 P.M., and fell exhausted upon his sofa. He slept again for about an hour. It was his excited state that would not let him sleep any longer than that.

He quickly showered, and went out to load and hook up his small earth mover onto his 15 foot trailer which he had made with his own hands. He loaded shovels and picks, and any other digging tools he could find.

Mike had decided on his way home, to call his best friend Joey to accompany him back to the cave. He wasn’t sure if he would give him all the details right away, as Joey was somewhat of a joker, and he was really in no mood for jokes about such a serious matter. But, he needed help to dig and explore his findings.

Joey had proved himself a real friend, even if he had somewhat of a strange way of finding humor in the worst of situations. Actually, this was part of what Mike liked so much about Joey. He tended to bring a silver lining to the dark clouds life seemed to throw at you. Joey meant no harm by his humor; he just wanted to lighten a person’s load by bringing a smile if possible during times of great stress.

His policy was, if you can’t beat ‘em, get help! Or something to that effect. Mike quickly packed enough food and water for a few days and some medical supplies just in case. He knew the dig would take some time, and he wanted to do it as carefully as possible also. He did not want to destroy any evidence which might be fragile.

Mike picked up the phone and called his best friend Joey. As the phone rang, Mike’s hands gripped the receiver with a vice like grip in anticipation of hearing his friend’s voice. Joey answered his phone and that familiar voice seemed a million miles away, as Mike for the first time in their relationship as friends, stood speechless.

“Hello!” the voice on the other end said insistently. “Well if you’re selling something, I already bought ten of them!”

This familiar joking tone seemed to jar Mike out of his hypnotic trance, as he choked out the name “Joey?”

“Damn Mike, I was about to hang up!” “What’s up?”

“I need your help bud, and I need it badly!”

Joey joked, “Did you lead her on and promise to marry her like the last one?”

Mike laughed a somewhat nervous laugh, and realized he probably deserved the joke, ‘cause he probably sounded hysterical. He had let his emotions take over his common sense. After all, Joey knew nothing about what he had found. Anyway, Mike figured he could tell him on the way to the cave. “Joey, are you up for going on a short trip for a few days?”

“How long?”

“Say, three days,” said Mike.

“Sure, when?”

“Now,” said Mike.

“Short notice pal, but I just happen to have cancelled all my dates this week,” Joey said with a laugh.

“Great, I’ll pick you up in an hour. Pack warm.”

“Where are we going?”

“I’ll tell you on the way.” As he hung up the phone, Mike half joked to himself; this time, I’ll have the last laugh when I see the expression on your face. It was 7:00 P.M. by the time Mike arrived to pick up Joey. After a few cordial words, Joey threw his back pack into the back of the truck and climbed aboard.

“So what’s all the mystery about?” asked Joey.

“I’m not ready to tell you just yet.”

“Okay,” said Joey. “Whatever it is, I know it involves digging.” Said Joey.

The earth mover had not escaped Joey’s notice. Mike had decided to prepare Joey for what lay ahead in a most unusual way. He was going to let Joey prepare himself.

“Joey, tell the legend of the cave to me one more time, just the way you’ve told it to me time and again. Just the way you first told it to me years ago when we first met. ‘We’ve got about a forty five minute drive ahead of us pal, so why not fill the time by telling me the legend of the cave again. Tell it to me just like you told me before.”

Joey thought it a little odd that Mike wanted to hear this old story at a time like this, but he opened his mouth and began to tell Mike the legend.

“Hundreds of years ago, there lived a race of giants who plagued these parts of Arizona. There were upwards of 50 of them, and they were cannibalistic creatures. Now mind you, these giants were only half human. The other half of their genetic make-up was devil. Some of the women of the surrounding towns got abducted by UFO’s and were forced to bear offspring to the devils who flew these craft. No one but the women knew the origin of their pregnancies, and they each told their respective husbands that the child they were carrying was his.

‘In time, the truth could no longer be hidden since these offspring had specific traits which were not normal. They had red hair, double rows of teeth, six fingers and six toes, and were growing at a phenomenal rate. Eventually, due to their viciousness, both the mothers and their offspring were ostracized from their communities. They banded together in a local area not too far from their communities. The mothers could not abandon their offspring even though they knew their origin.

‘Eventually, this proved to be their undoing, as the appetite of these half-breeds grew to monumental proportions. These half breeds ended up feasting on their own mothers.

Cattle and other smaller animals began to disappear from the towns.

‘They knew it must be the giants taking the strays, but the townspeople were terrified to do battle against these monsters. They had grown to be between 10-15 feet tall! Eventually, the God fearing town decided to contact a Hebrew community which was over 500 miles away. They knew that the Hebrews had experience dealing with these things because of the story about Goliath in the Bible.

‘Their message of plight was answered by three brave Hebrews. Their names were Reuben, Manasseh, and Gad. These three brave Hebrews refused payment for their services, except for room and board. They each gave their word to rid the territory of these devil giants, or die trying. They were honorable men. The only thing these three Hebrews asked from the townspeople was that they make copper chains large enough to restrain these giants. These three did not plan to capture these giants; they had another plan which they would fulfill later. They also had the townspeople make three copper head pieces, with Hebrew lettering, which the townspeople made, even though they did not understand what they were inscribing.

‘The word went out throughout the territories to collect all available copper. Now, the most experienced of the three Hebrews, was Reuben. He had recruited the other two based upon their prowess and skill. They used gorilla style warfare, waiting for the giants that would stray away from the others. They would take advantage of the three to one odds and slay these giants one by one. They buried them just enough to where it appeared as if the wind had just created another sand dune in the area. Within a year, they had killed all but three giants. They decided to kill them all at once. They quietly went into the cave where these giants resided, found them sleeping, and rushed upon them stabbing them directly through their hearts.

‘The three Hebrews used the chains to chain these giants against the wall of the cave. They placed the head pieces onto the giant’s heads. No one knows what the head pieces actually had written on them.”

Joey finished telling the legend just as they pulled up to the cave.

Perfect timing. Joey hopped out of the truck as Mike turned off the engine. He waited impatiently as Mike climbed out of his side of the truck.

“Let’s get this show on the road,” said Joey. “All that talkin’ made me a mite hungry.” “What kind of food you got in the ice chest?”

“Better not eat till you see what I’ve got to show you.”

“That bad huh?” Joked Joey. “Okay pal, let’s have it. What’s in the cave, three dead Hebrews?” Joked Joey.

“You’ll see, let’s build a fire first.”

Although a little anxious, Joey agreed. He could feel the cold night air sinking into his bones. Before long, they had a roaring fire going.

Joey joked with Mike, “Look, our shadows look like giants on the cave wall.” Mike was not about to say anything, he was savoring the moment he was about to experience when Joey got his first look at what was on the other side of the back wall. For now, Joey could not see the hole Mike had made earlier. But there was time enough for all that. Mike offered Joey bottled water; “To the future.” Joey had no idea what that meant, but he toasted to it anyway.

The constant stress had taken its toll on Mike who drifted in and out of consciousness until he passed out. Joey was not far behind. They slept until the morning sun kissed their faces. It was not yet hot, and Mike threw some water on the smoldering embers of the fire. Each of them grabbed a towel and soaked it with water. They added soap and began to scrub down their bodies in a make-shift shower. The light of the sun had not yet revealed the hole which Mike had made two nights ago. They began to unload the tools and the earth mover.

Mike backed the machine off the trailer using the ramps. The cave was almost level to the rest of the desert, so driving it into the cave was easy. Mike’s heart was beating with anticipation as he carefully maneuvered the small rocks and larger boulders to the left and right of the cave to open a clear pathway to the back of the cave. It was only fitting that Mike share his find with Joey, since he was the one who had first told him about the legend of the cave. Mike savored Joey’s anxious demeanor to find out what this was all about.

Mike removed the boulder which lay in front of the hole he had carved out with his knife two nights ago, and as the lights from the earth mover hit the back of the wall, Joey caught his first glimpse of the hole in the back of the cave. Mike carefully reloaded the earth mover back up the ramps and onto the truck once again. He turned off the engine, jumped out, and motioned for Joey to follow him to the back of the cave. Mike picked up the flashlight on the way. When they got to the back of the cave, Mike handed Joey the flashlight saying, “Look to the left.”

Joey positioned himself to reach inside the hole with the flashlight and poke his head through the small opening. “Holy shit!”

Joey dropped the flashlight on the other side of the cave wall, as he hurriedly backed out of the hole. Mike was somewhat disappointed that Joey had dropped the flashlight robbing him of the ability to see the look on his face. Joey stepped back almost tripping himself as he did so. He turned and went to the opening of the cave, visibly shaken by what he had seen. Mike quickly grabbed a fresh bottled water and opened it, handing it to Joey. Joey drank it down the way an alcoholic would drink down a stiff drink.

After a pause, he asked, “Why the hell didn’t you prepare me for what was back there!”

Mike retorted, “How do you prepare anyone for something like that,” pointing towards the back of the cave. Joey shrugged his shoulders, unable to find fault with Mike’s logic. “So, you gonna help me dig,” asked Mike?

Joey paused, “Yeah,” he said in a somewhat subdued tone. “Anyway, Reuben, Manasseh and Gad already did most of the work for us huh?”

There it was. That silver lining Joey seemed to have engrained into his character. Mike now knew he had chosen the right person to help him find out whether the facts, fit the legend. The shock was gone. Now it was time to unravel the mystery. Out came the shovels and picks.

“I hope you’re as strong as I look” said Joey.

Mike retorted, “I hope your swing is better than your looks.” Joey laughed.

The hard work eased their stress level. By early evening they had made a good size entrance into the secondary room of the cave. Breathing in the dusty air, they had to go out and take breathers from time to time. Mike poured some water from his water tank which stood against the back window of the truck. They washed up and cooked the breakfast they had forgotten to enjoy before beginning their work. They decided on waiting till morning before exploring. They curled up next to the fire they had made and went to sleep.

That night, they each had the same dream. But neither one told the other about it in the morning. They dreamed that an extremely large sword was placed into their hand and they could handle the sword even though it was very large. Each noticed the other was a little distant the next morning, but neither one asked why.

“Ready for this” asked Mike?

“Ready,” said Joey. Both were making small talk as they pondered their dreams. They each felt the dream meant something, but they were not sure they wanted to know exactly what.

The second room had a higher ceiling. Mike noticed a hallway which he had not noticed before, due to the fact it was to the right and against the wall he had first stuck his head through. Joey was looking at the giants, and the writing each time Mike pointed the flashlight his way. Mike, mentioned the hallway.

Joey said, “Giants first, hallways second.” Mike agreed. But, as Mike pointed the light towards the ground, he noticed for the first time, a different set of footprints from another pair of shoes.

“Whose are these,” Mike asked?

Joey shrugged his shoulders. The footprints led to the hallway. Mike noticed that the footprints were fresh, and noticed that the floor of the cave was dusty which made the footprints stand out. He pointed his flashlight up at the ceiling, and found the opening which had allowed this third person into the cave. Mike motioned with the flashlight for Joey to follow him into the tunnel. Mike put his finger up to his lips showing Joey to be silent. Joey nodded, and into the tunnel they went.

Further down, the tunnel split. Mike was not dumb; he kept to his right so they could find their way back by keeping the wall to their left on the way out. The tunnel split again. Again they went right. Joey sneezed, and Mike froze! Up ahead, another flashlight shone.

“Who’s there,” the voice asked?

“That’s what we’re trying to find out,” said Joey.

Mike lowered his flashlight touching his knife which was strapped to his side. He shone his flashlight upon the stranger, and saw he also had a knife at his side, but smaller.

The stranger was rugged looking, and about Mike’s age.

“How did you get here” asked Mike?

“Fell in,” said the stranger.

Mike knew he was telling the truth from the hole above the giants’ heads. Mike turned his back and said, “C’mon.” The stranger did not argue. They emerged from the tunnel into the room with the giants. It was then that the stranger saw the opening and just how close he was to an exit.

“I’ve been here three days, how did you know there was another section behind that wall?”

Mike told the stranger about the quarter sized hole which brought the second room to his attention.

“Oh, I fell at night,” said the stranger. “I’ve been looking for a way out ever since. Got any food,” asked the stranger?

“Yeah,” said Mike. They cooked the stranger a good meal and watched him eat. After he finished, he told Mike that there was another room he had found which they should see.

“By the way, my name’s Ben.”

“Mine’s Mike.”

“Mine’s Joey,” Piped Joey.

“I was worried I might run into one of those critters,” said Ben.

“Not likely,” said Joey.

“They were all killed off by the three Hebrews,” said Mike.

“The three what” asked Ben?

“We’ll explain later,” said Joey.

“Let’s take a look at that other room.” Said Mike.”

“Just let me catch my breath, and I’ll show you,” said Ben. The three got acquainted rapidly as Ben rested and prepared his mind to reenter the third room of the cave. Talking to Ben seemed like talking to an old friend. He had a rough speech pattern which matched his rough exterior. He smelled of experience as he relayed his many adventures into uncharted territories.

“C’mon,” said Ben. “I’ll show you the room now.”

“Right,” said Mike.

“Let’s go,” piped Joey.

“You might not like what you see,” said Ben.

“Well, we’re ready for anything after seeing those things,” said Mike.

Ben led the way and Mike and Joey followed. Both flashlights shone down the corridor like two high beam lights of a slow moving car. It took about an hour to reach the third room. Ben stepped through, followed by Mike and Joey. Mike and Joey both stopped in their tracks! In a heap in the corner, were the skulls of the victims of these cannibalistic monsters. Joey would have made a joke if his stomach had not felt as if it had been hit by a train.

“Maybe I just should have told you about this ahead of time,” said Ben.

“It’s alright,” said Mike in a somewhat somber tone.

“Yeah,” said Joey, equally somber.

Mike swung his flashlight to the opposite side of the cave to reveal the wall covered in Hebrew writing. Mike began to read as Ben and Joey listened in amazement.

It was the legend of the cave just as Joey had told it to Mike a million times over. Ben, was hearing it for the first time ever. Directly after the legend, Mike stopped reading.

“Is that it,” asked Joey? Mike shook his head.

“Finish it,” said Ben.

Mike read on. “Ben, Mike. Joey, you have come to this cave not by chance, but by the Devine hand of God. Do not fail to follow through with your mission.

‘You must continue the fight against the serpent who would conquer the world and enslave it. He will try again shortly, and you must be ready. Hidden under the feet of the three giants, you will find the three swords which we used to defeat these giants. There is grave danger ahead for you and the world. Do not fail, stand your ground!”

Joey laughed out loud. “Knock it off Mike,” said Joey.

“Yeah,” said Ben.

But Mike was not joking, and something in their gut knew it.

They each left the room thinking about their dream. No one spoke until they reached the room with the giants. They grabbed the shovels and began to dig. Just as they struck pay dirt, they began to talk again about what this could all mean.

Does this really mean that we are to champion the world against giants and UFO’s,” asked Ben?

Mike read the inscription on the copper bands upon the giant’s heads; “They thought to destroy the human race, they thought to replace mankind, they thought God would abandon mankind in his hour of need.” The writing on the wall above their head had more to say.

It continued with these words; “To our replacements, you fight for God, man, and the sanctity of truth. You will begin your journey on the night of the next full moon. Use these swords of truth wisely; they will save not only your lives, but the lives of your loved ones and friends.” There were symbols added which Mike ignored because they made no sense to him.

As if instinctively, the three crossed their swords and said in unison, “ALL FOR ONE; AND ONE FOR ALL.”

Looking at one another, they sensed a powerful presence. The cave began to glow. Suddenly they saw an angel which appeared quite human, but whose clothes and face shown brightly like the sun. They fell down as if to worship the angel.

“Get up. You must not worship me. I am sent to you by Jesus, whom you call Christ. He has a message for you. He has chosen you three to battle the next phase of Satan’s attacks on mankind. There have been many such attacks in the past, but this will be Satan’s last stand.

‘The angels will assist you in your endeavors as you fulfill your mission. You will be battling in the flesh against a spiritual enemy. Your part will be to keep the giants on earth which have been created through the union of human women and devils from gaining any more territory than is necessary in this last battle before Jesus Christ returns to reclaim the earth for Himself and His Father.

‘Mankind is not prepared for what lies ahead. He has sinned greatly against his Creator. However, your battles will be for the sake of those who have followed God and His Son Jesus faithfully. They are in need of protection against these hideous creatures. They are destined for final damnation, but in the meantime, they will attempt to rule the world through tyranny and violence.

You three have been given swords that have been blessed by God for just this reason. They will not fail you in your quest to destroy the enemies of God and His people. They are not magical swords, you will need to learn how to use them like any other sword, but they will not break or become dull while in use. You have God’s promise on this.

The next full moon will be on the anniversary of the Passover. See to it that you do not fail to prepare yourselves by then.While antichrist must remain in power for seven years, he must not be allowed to use these giants to their full capacity. It this occurs, there will be much harm to those who have been faithful to Jesus.

Remember, your journey will begin shortly; it will begin on the next full moon of Passover. Remember that Passover actually begins on Abib 10th. This translates as April 10th on your calendar.

With these words, the angel was gone. It took the three some time before they felt strong enough to speak. They were all still trembling with fright and uncertain that they hadn’t imagined it all.

“Did you guys see that,” asked Joey?

“You mean the angel,” asked Ben?

“Whew, I thought I’d lost it for awhile,” said Mike.

“My Sunday classes didn’t prepare me for anything like this,” said Joey.

“I know what you mean,” said Ben.

“I guess we stumbled onto something a lot bigger than all three of us,” said Mike.

There was silence after this menial exchange of words. The three merely meandered back through the opening in the wall, back to the fire pit they had created for cooking. Joey rummaged through his back pack looking for some water. Mike did the same and brought out two bottles, one for himself and one for Ben.

Without saying another word, they finished their water and started a fire to warm themselves by. They needed to discuss some of the details.



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Sequel to AntiChris'ts Birth; The Solomon Island Mystery
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