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 The Secret of Sentarra: The Calling

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The Secret of Sentarra: The Calling Empty
PostSubject: The Secret of Sentarra: The Calling   The Secret of Sentarra: The Calling EmptySun Jun 19, 2011 7:57 pm

Fate has promised to make him king, but at what cost?
Since he was a child, he has held two identities: One as Tehveor, the abused nephew of the tyrannical king of Eirlerre. The other as Celestion, the prophesied king of a secret country called "Sentarra." Fate has promised to ensure that he becomes king, if Tehveor is willing to piece together and obey the clues that legend has left. He cannot lead two lives forever. And Fate can be a hard master. It will destroy everything to make him king - including his family, his identity and perhaps Eirlerre itself. Can Tehveor raise one kingdom without destroying another?
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The Secret of Sentarra: The Calling
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