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 seeking penpal

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Robert H

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PostSubject: seeking penpal   seeking penpal EmptySun Feb 06, 2011 5:21 pm

    Today, Feb 7, 2011, I'm a retired 76 year old American now living in the Philippines with a fifty year old Filipina wife. I'm searching for a penpal from anywhere in the world who speaks reasonably good English, is a writer of anything at ANY level and uses PGP/GPG. If you don't know how to use PGP or GPG, contact me by email using address US56280 at gmail dot com. By exchanging a few more emails with me, I will furnish the software and the instructions that allow you to use PGP to communicate SECURELY with me. How much do I charge for that? NOTHING! I charge ZIP, ZERO, ZILCH and for that small sum I will furnish the software and teach you how to to USE PGP TO SECURELY COMMUNICATE EXCLUSIVELY WITH ME by email.
    It's true! FOR FREE I will send you roughly half a meg (not half a gig) of software and instructions that will enable you and I to communicate SECURELY. Just remember that while it is FREE, ONLY YOU AND I can use the software to communicate.  How long will it take you to learn it all? A total of somewhere between thirty minutes and two hours from start to finish. EVERYTHING depends on how fast you learn SIMPLE things.
    With all that said, please be aware that my areas of worldly interest are extremely wide but initially I'd like to talk about and seek advice regarding my effort to establish a new career writing novels that compete with the likes of Tom Clancy and John Grisham. Of course I can provide highly-polished examples of my work.
    My public key should be available from almost any key server in the world or I can email it to you. My key ID is 0x61FC93CB
Robert Hazelett
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Abe F. March
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Five Star Member
Abe F. March

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PostSubject: Re: seeking penpal   seeking penpal EmptyMon Feb 07, 2011 12:19 am

Welcome Robert.
We are all pen pals on this forum. You write and we respond. If you are seeking a singular pen pal, then you will need to seek one out. You have many to choose from. Be kind to the ladies here. We are selfish and want to keep them.
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seeking penpal
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