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 almost twenty years ago

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virgil tatro
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virgil tatro

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almost twenty years ago Empty
PostSubject: almost twenty years ago   almost twenty years ago EmptySun Jan 09, 2011 9:48 pm

Almost twenty years ago I ran away with a girl,
Homeless and hungry, she was my world.
Determined and scared we were just kids,
Trying to get away from the life that we lived.
We had already spent our lives on the road,
The road was nothing new but where should we go?

We lived on the road for many more years,
Our life was full of struggles and tears.
With worries and doubts and dreams in our hearts,
All we ever wanted was a good start.
Nothing came easy but we never gave up,
She was always by my side this girl that I love.

Many mistakes have been made since we ran away,
But the best decision I have ever made was when we left that day.

If I wrote a story about my life,
I would tell you for over twenty years Tonya was my wife.
If i would have written a song about my life with my wife,
It would have been a love song over twenty years long...
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almost twenty years ago
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