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 I spoke of a dream

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virgil tatro
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virgil tatro

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I spoke of a dream Empty
PostSubject: I spoke of a dream   I spoke of a dream EmptySun Jan 09, 2011 9:42 pm

I spoke of a dream when I was a boy.
A dream of a job I knew I would enjoy.
A dream of a job! most would say.
Yes a dream of a job that I'll do some day.
I was told with no education my hearing the way that it was,
S.S.I. is how I would live, they told me to
Sell things at the flea market that will help out.
I knew in my heart things would work out.

Severe hearing loss is what I had.
My ear drums and my inner bones were gone,
From years of untreated ear infections that I had.
the military wouldn't take me is what I was told,
I just knew I wasn't living like this when I was old.
I remember the days when the pain was the worst,
Those were the days my ear drums would burst.
Blood would come from both of my ears,
The pain was unbearable it brought many tears.
Treatment was refused because we had to go,
My family was homeless, transient, migrant workers,
for my entire childhood we lived and worked on the road.

By the time I was fifteen I had a gift,
A gift from god for the life that I lived.
He gave me the ability to fix anything,
From a chainsaw to a bus I could fix
anything, I could make an engine sing.
Give me a challenge I could get through it.
Like my old friend T.J. would say I'll bet Tater can do it!

The dream that I had when I was a boy
Was a dream of a job I really did enjoy.
After a life many said I would be stuck.
the only way I felt I could serve my country
I drove a million miles in a Semi truck,
Thanks to Dr Cynthia Kennedy,
I got to hear the turbo Whistle and the Diesel Engine Whine,
and thanks to Greg Struble for believing in me,
I built the first and only paved road in any underground American mine..

                                                                      V Tatro..
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I spoke of a dream
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