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 Time Is Short

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PostSubject: Time Is Short   Time Is Short EmptyFri May 15, 2009 3:38 am

Time Is Short
A. W. Nutter

Holding hands with the Devil in the silvery moonlight
Surrendering to temptation under the cover of night
Leading them to destruction, ignoring their bleating
Souls being devoured by a wolf in sheep’s clothing

The time is drawing near when we shed this human form
As the earth ceases to exist, destroyed in a fiery storm
So gird your loins for battle; bend your knee in prayer
Asking for deliverance from the Dark Prince’s snare

The temptations succumbed too, thought hidden away
Only to be revealed before the King on judgment day
Keep your feet firmly planted on the straight and narrow path
When you stand before God you’ll be spared his terrible wrath
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Time Is Short
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