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 Faith before Reason - The New America / Reviews?

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Faith before Reason - The New America / Reviews? Empty
PostSubject: Faith before Reason - The New America / Reviews?   Faith before Reason - The New America / Reviews? EmptyMon Feb 04, 2008 7:16 pm

Thanks, Shelagh. This is a great idea!

I am looking for reviews for my new novel: Faith before Reason - The New America. This will appeal to liberals and progressives, I can't see conservatives liking it very much. It is meant to be my comment on the dangers of fascism; something that I believe is a reality here in the US.

Faith before Reason - The New America / Reviews? Faith3

It is the year 2010. The country is ruled by the iron fist of the president turned dictator, John M. Forrest, known only by his middle initial. The Constitution has been suspended. Congress is now little more than a rubber-stamp for the Executive Branch, and martial law has been imposed from coast to coast. Fundamentalist Christianity and corporatism rule supreme: faith before reason.

An unlikely group of heroes band together--Eileen Hunter, a lesbian and former soldier; Terry Khan, a Muslim boy; Archie Kane, a middle-aged, liberal school teacher; Jack "JD" Daniels, a computer hacker extraordinaire; his mother, Shirley "Daisy" Daniels, a colorful old hippie; and her friend, Sam Brown, a Native-American and Vietnam vet--to struggle for their very survival against the evil forces of sadistic Commander Hermann Gotthard; his side-kick, Captain Paul Johnson, of the NYC SSB (Special Services Branch) and Colonel James Davenport, Commandant of Camp Southern Fortress, a brutal concentration forced-labor camp in southern Texas. Their only crime is their mere existence. Their only hope is to make it north across the forty-ninth parallel into Canada, which is still a democracy.

I would be happy to send out a half dozen copies or so for review. IM or email your request with where to send the book. Also would want the right to use reviews for PR purposes. (Even if you hate it! In this case, that might be complimentary. LOL.)


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Faith before Reason - The New America / Reviews?
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