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 Finding Pastors to serve

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Abe F. March
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Finding Pastors to serve Empty
PostSubject: Finding Pastors to serve   Finding Pastors to serve EmptySun Apr 08, 2018 8:53 am

Churches in Germany are facing a dilemma finding Pastors.  In the area where I live, a Pastor is required to serve several communities.  He has service in one church at 9AM and races to the next church for a service at 10AM and on to the next for 11AM service.  There are some Sundays when there is no church service and the flock is advised to go to a neighboring town if they wish to attend a church service.
Pastors are paid a salary by the Catholic or Protestant headquarters.  There are no collection plates passed about in any of these services.  There is a church tax that supports the Pastors.  The tax is voluntary on the part of any employee, meaning they can decline to have a church tax deducted from their pay.  The Pastors are provided with a home that is paid for by taxes collected.  There are no rich Pastors, especially within the Protestant churches.  With Catholics, depending on their status within the church, they receive perks.  There have been scandals concerning some Priests taking funds for their personal benefit, however that is rare.  The local parishioners provide funds for the upkeep of the church like in maintaining the organ or other essentials.  A donation box is located at the back of the church for contributions to help with this upkeep.  The Catholic women are busy with bake sales and other events to raise funds.  American-style evangelists would not find it opportune to serve here and fleece the flock.  Church attendance has been on the decline and those attending are primarily the elderly.   As for church choirs, those numbers are also declining.  As a member of the Protestant choir, I have noted that there are no new members and those still active are dying off.  I expect that when Hermann Frech is no longer with us, the Choir will cease to exist.  He has kept the choir together for many years and was formerly a director of the choir.  He was the church organist for over 40 years and raised the funds for the new church organ currently in use.  He will be celebrating his 90th birthday on the 9th of May.  Traditions are dying along with the people who participated in them.
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Finding Pastors to serve
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