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 Joseph Frank Baraba

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Joseph Frank Baraba was born in Brooklyn, New York. As a teenager he loved to write poetry and short stories. Years later, he moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, and took up writing again. As well as writing, Joe’s many interests included artwork, photography and gardening. Joe's first book, Is Your Father Black?, was published in 2005.

Is Your Father Black? is about Joey, a young boy who loses his father at an early age and is later forced to deal with the outside world because his stepfather is black. At first, Joey doesn't understand why people stare and make snide remarks because he doesn't know what color means. This is the story of anger and hate between a sister and her brothers, and the family's thirty-four-year journey that ends in bitterness and tragedy.

Joe’s first children’sbook, Dusty, was published in 2006.

Dusty is the charming story of a young boy, Timmy, and his pet cat. Early on in the story, a bond is formed between boy and pet that cannot be broken − although it is severely tested by Dusty's mischievous curiosity! This is a delightful story that will appeal to adults as well as children.

Joe's novel, Visions Of Freedom, was published in 2009.

Adrian Gomez has lived under the grip of communism, he lives, breathes and yearns for his freedom from the grip of Fidel Castro's rein of terror and tyranny. When the day arrives his life becomes a living hell in a concentration camp. Will he survive his horrifying oppression and get his wish for freedom?

Clara Layten: The Chelsea Murders was also published in 2009.

Steve Wilton is a detective with the 10th Precinct in New York's Chelsea District. He lives with his wife Jenny, his Aunt Clara and her cat Tiger. Aunt Clara is always trying to help her nephew Steve solve cases and at the same time she gets him in hot water with his boss, Captain Gregory. Someone is stalking and killing women in Chelsea, and Aunt Clara is trying to help Steve solve the murders. In doing so, she causes pandemonium and comes face to face with the killer.

Joe was a great animal lover. He loved his pets and all forms of wildlife, which often featured in his photographs. He was a kind and generous man.

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Joseph Frank Baraba
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