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 Carol Troestler

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Carol Troestler, 1938 - 2011

Carol lived in Wisconsin where she raised six children and co-owned a mental health center. Carol's educational background included a Bachelors Degree in psychology and biology with a minor in English from Ripon College, as well as a master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Wisconsin. Carol worked as an English teacher, school social worker and owner of a mental health center where she was administrator, psychotherapist and trainer. After retiring, she enjoyed life writing and spending time with her husband and family. 

Carol was born in Chicago, IL. She was a writer and content editor for a program manual for the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and co-wrote a program and manual for people with life threatening illness. This program, Renewing Life, has had over 4000 participants throughout the country. Schools throughout Wisconsin have presented Carol's play, The Magic Potion. Her writing history also includes other educational materials for schools, as well as The Story of the Golden Footprints, a short story included in several inspirational websites. 

Carol's historical novel, Flow on Sweet Missouri was published in 2005.

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Combining genealogy, history and imagination, wars are fought, people move to new places, babies are born, and future generations move in directions of their own influenced by those who have gone before, 

The story begins as Mary Boothman, a recent British immigrant to America, has given birth to a daughter, Minnie, on the banks of a coalmine while fleeing bushwhackers terrorizing her home. The family recently settled in the river town of Lexington, Missouri, but finds a peaceful life cannot be, for in 1861 America has turned on itself. Mary’s husband, William, joins the Cavalry on the side of the Union as Missourians divide their allegiances between the North and the South. 

Based on a true family story, spanning the years and miles, from 1861 to 1938, from Missouri to Chicago, this is a story of a family in its search for freedom, and a story of America as it seeks a more perfect union. 

Where writing can take a writer, in Carol's words:

"I believe that we can each find a niche in writing. Throughout my life my writing has had a place, but not in a top selling book. In the past I was mostly a nonfiction writer who filled requests for written materials for schools, policy books, grants and program manuals, while caring for a big family and having a job that went along with the writing, but where writing was not its main focus.

Then I retired and wrote a couple of historical novels based on family stories, putting the information and stories into published works as a legacy. 

And this led to further historical writing, where I have even joined some military writing associations, and submitted my work to military writing publishers where I have gotten some good response. 

Now I wait, and hope that this is my next phase of writing. I love the historical research. I love writing of events. Just like the musicians in the article whose lives took them various places, I believe writing can take us many places besides getting a book on a best sell

Find Carol's books here:

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Carol Troestler
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