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 Dick Stodghill

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Dick Stodghill, 1925 - 2009

At the age of 18, Dick Stodghill was a 4th Infantry Division rifleman in the invasion of Normandy, then later was called back for the Korean War. Although Dick put in a couple of years as a Pinkerton detective, much of his life was spent as a newspaper reporter, sports writer and daily columnist. He published three books on high school sports in Ohio and Indiana and continued to write mystery fiction for Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine and others. His three books, Normandy 1944 - A Young Rifleman's WarThe Hoosier Hot Shots, and From Devout Catholic to Communist Agitator are available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other booksellers. So are three collections of short mysteries: Jack Eddy Stories Volume 1Midland Murders, and The Rough Old Stuff from Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine.

Dick Stodghill Normandy+Cover+013 

Normandy 1944: A Young Rifleman's War by Dick Stodghill 

This is the Battle of Normandy, neither glamorized nor sanitized, as seen from ground level during the bloody summer of 1944—the personal experiences of an 18-year-old 4th Infantry Division rifleman who joined his company shortly after D-Day. He quickly came to admire and respect the men of G Company, then was close by as one by one many of them died during the horrific fighting in the fields and streets of a normally beautiful and tranquil land. Here are the realities of that war: opening the casualty blanket rolls, seeing the dead being buried in mattress covers, the sounds, the smells and the fears of men in infantry combat. A glimpse, too, of the boys who fought the battles of World War II as they grew up or matured during the Great Depression, the rigors of infantry basic training, life in England in the weeks leading up to D-Day. 
From 1980 to 1990 Dick wrote a column five days a week (Monday through Friday) along with general assignment reporting and sports writing  for the Muncie Evening Press in Muncie, Indiana. The column was named Best in Indiana by United Press International (UPI). He also wrote regularly in his blog: Stodghill Says So.

Dick was a valued member of the forum. His humour, wit and intelligence lightened up the forum and never failed to entertain. Dick was kind, considerate and always willing to help others.

Find Dick's books here:

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Dick Stodghill
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