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Rainbow Author

Rainbow, 1950 - 2008

Born the youngest of three, in London, England, "Rainbow", had always been an, ‘Americaphile’, loving all things American, especially chrome and fins on cars! At fifteen, he left academia and enrolled in ‘The University of Life.’ He traveled to America in the 70s and again in the 80s, although that ‘Rock and Roll Dream’ ended in him returning to England, totally broke and alone. He turned, for comfort and companionship, to his ‘scratching pad’ and wrote, always coming out in verse when 'The Muse' struck, his 'Expressions and Observations' on what he fondly called, the upright biped species that infect this planet, as well as his own thoughts and experiences. He slowly became convinced that he was not from this planet, even if that only meant he seemed alien to most people! However, in 2001, U.S. Immigration finally confirmed it, when they stamped his passport, as a Legal Permanent Resident and issued him with his Official Alien Number! 

Rainbow Cover

Battle-Scarred Heart

Originally from London, England, Rainbow thought he had met his soul mate online and eventually transplanted to the U.S.A. to marry her.

Unfortunately, she was not the soul mate he thought she was. The tragic story of this "Lost Love" and yet more "Lost Loves" he has experienced whilst on this side of the pond includes two experiences, which show some of the inherent perils of Internet dating, as well as the unfortunate results of some of his more usual, though unusual, boy meets girl, boy loses girl sagas.

They are all true, autobiographical stories written in both story and verse.

Anyhoo, back to the plot! Rainbow had come to a crossroad in his life. His marriage of 3 happy years - not bad out of 12 - was virtually dead on its feet no matter how, or what he tried to rekindle the flame.

Suddenly the thoughts, hopes and dreams that had been with him for so long had a chance of coming to fruition. What he interpreted at the time as being "signs and omens" led him to attempt to materialize his "Rock and Roll Dream" and embark on what he looked upon as a great adventure in lands across the sea...

Find the book here: Outskirts Press

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