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 Jess Parker

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Jess Parker, 1932 - 2008

Biography: Jess joined the US Navy at seventeen years of age and made a career of twenty-two years active service. He was a High School drop-out, but after retirement he received enough credits to enroll in college for an AA Degree from Olympic College, Bremerton, Washington. This is where his writing really began and hus wife spent many hours trying to convince him that hevcould write novels. Jess said no, no, for a number of years--didn't have time--didn't have the ability and other didn't haves. The college writing, which by this time included the University of Washinton, and his wife's insistence finally got Jess's attention, and he eventually wrote three books published by Publish America out of Baltimore.


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A small group of Korean War veterans served as a contingent of assassins that worked closely with the White House without recognition.
Through uncontrolled circumstances, Jake Green, a US Navy Seaman, was caught up in a battle front advance in the Korean War. He had never experienced training for battle field duties, but the Marines had assigned him duties as a radioman and gunfire spotter with a forward echelon led by Captain John (Silvertip) Silvers. During an attack against North korean forces, the Marines out distanced their supporting services and were surrounded by the North Koreans. The surrounded force was ordered to hold their position. The unit held out for five days with heavy battle situations. The battalion suffered major losses and the few remaining soldiers were captured. After more than a month behind enemy lines surrounded by enemies, in a blizzard, and with little food, and melted snow for water, the escapees broke through friendly front lines. 

Upon returning to his ship, Green was told that the situation that he had experienced never happened. He was then ordered back to the United States for special traing and Detachment X-Ray was formed. this secret organization operated out of the South Atlantic with the chain of command reaching back to the White House, Detachment X-Ray was very successful in search and destroy missions. After a number of years they were ordered back to the States. Instead of disbanding Detachment X-Ray was reorganized and based in the United States.

Jess Parker 41B6CT3503L

Jake Green emerged from the deep cover that had been ordered after he left Detachment X-Ray and became Staff Assistant to a United States Senator. His first assignment was to assist Senator Sam Martin at a UN conference with a trade delegation from the People's Republic of China. Jake developed an attitude of hostility toward one of the Chinese delegates. He recognized the future Premier as a Chinese officer who had commanded the capture of the Marine unit he was serving with. Then unexpectedly Jake became reunited with his comrades from the Korean War and they decided to assassinate the future premier of China. During the stalking phase, other targets came within their sights. They took on a mountain feud and stopped a drug running effort. Then the Washington, D.C. police department came to their attention. Jake also made an operation with a unit of former members of Detachment X-Ray.

Jess Parker 512W13J264L

The Jake Green saga continues as he becomes a paid, but not recognized, employee of the government. He forms a team from Detachment X-Ray and new recruits for an eight-man terrorist-tracking team. A new terrorist group, Allah’s Army, has formed and is ready for raids into Canada and the United States. The first contact was a four-man team known as the Fist of Allah. This team was brutal because their signature was the beheading of a young woman. After this first encounter, Jake and his team chased Fist of Allah through the upper Midwest and the mid-Atlantic states. In between the confrontations with Allah’s Army, the team conducted other operations in Canada, Gaza City, on the Gaza Strip, and a small bayou town in Louisiana.

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Jess Parker
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