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 MS Word formatting trick

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MS Word formatting trick Empty
PostSubject: MS Word formatting trick   MS Word formatting trick EmptyTue Dec 15, 2015 4:29 pm

For most of you seasoned scribes, this will be like teaching grandma to suck eggs with a bicycle pump, but for a mere mortal like me, this tip has saved me a number of stress related ailments. It's a tip or trick to avoid all the grief of trying to master MS Word, section breaks, headers footers and page numbers. Using this trick, I can format a manuscript into a paperback book with headers, footers, different odd and even page headers page numbers and no numbers or headers on blank pages or before page 7, in just a few hours. It's not my discovery, but I can't remember who thought of it so unfortunately cannot give credit where credit's due.


Once the word file is converted to a pdf file for printing, all images are flattened and the boxes used to hide the unwanted elements become one with the rest of the noise and never rear their ugly heads again. It doesn't matter what colour paper you print on; gone is gone!
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MS Word formatting trick
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