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 Help circumventing Word’s awful sections/breaks/numbering

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Help circumventing Word’s awful sections/breaks/numbering  Empty
PostSubject: Help circumventing Word’s awful sections/breaks/numbering    Help circumventing Word’s awful sections/breaks/numbering  EmptyFri Nov 13, 2015 2:34 pm

I thought I would share this tip I surfed on to, It's probably a bit juvenile for you seasoned scribes but has helped me out hugely: I'm sorry I can't give a credit, I can't remember where I found it.
Many of us 'Indie' writers use Word to write our manuscripts. If like me, you have a really hard time remembering how the ridiculously complicated sections, breaks, headers, and page numbering works, here's an easy workaround. Clear all sections, use insert blank page to get all your chapters on odd pages, insert page numbering and use different odd and even page headers to get your name top of odd pages and the name of novel top even page. Now, to weed out the page numbers and headers/footers on blank pages and on early pages (I start numbering from page 7) just click on insert shape rectangle, format the shape to no border, no fill colour then insert the shape into your page, drag it over the unwanted text and voila, it's gone! Copy and paste everywhere you want to cover numbers headers and footers then when you save the manuscript as a .pdf, all will be perfect. In Word 10 you have to make the fill colour white to make it cover but don't panic, it is flattened as a .pdf so it doesn't matter even if you're printing on cream paper, the box is invisible. It's a cheat, I know, you could just learn to use sections correctly, but if you're like me, you'd rather be writing your next novel than trying to relearn this often impossible program.
Help circumventing Word’s awful sections/breaks/numbering  Public12
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Help circumventing Word’s awful sections/breaks/numbering
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