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 Germans welcome immigrants

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Germans welcome immigrants - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Germans welcome immigrants   Germans welcome immigrants - Page 2 EmptySat Sep 12, 2015 2:03 pm


                   That's why I'm getting a passport card , I found out about it last
                   month cost $55.00 , my passport was due last year and I have had
                   8 passports even before I drove, they wanted for renewal $125-
                   that's outrageous, I think thias country should automatically give
                   their citizens a National ID Card with your Info that way they know
                   if you get on a plane or whatever you are legit...But many Americans
                   are dumb ! The Govt. already knows all about you, I've been finger
                   printed and photographed for the Justice Dept. when I worked at The
                   Metropolitan Museum Of Art, if you didn't do it, you didn't get the job !

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Germans welcome immigrants
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