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 The Philosophies of Man

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Charlie Moore
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Charlie Moore

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The Philosophies of Man Empty
PostSubject: The Philosophies of Man   The Philosophies of Man EmptyWed Jul 16, 2014 10:13 am

I just feel like visiting so here's what's on my mind. Differing opinions, definitely. Controversial, definitely.

This look at the philosophies of man is intended to be in relationship to religion or religious views. I am aware that views on both vary widely so my comments will be based solely on my personal views. Take from them what you will.

Philosophies of man in most cases are contrary to God's will. Man (human beings), often due to societal pressures, come to believe that things deemed sinful to God are in fact okay, even needed and should be welcomed. Two focus points I'll address are abortion and same-sex marriage/attraction. The religion I belong to says abortion is against God's will. It should only be considered if the mother's life is in imminent danger or if the pregnancy is the results of incest or rape. I know of no circumstance where same-sex marriage is acceptable to God. Not within my religion, anyway. Now, while I personally do not support the act of abortion or same-sex marriage, it does not mean I hate or harbor any ill feelings towards people who believe these things are acceptable or engage in these practices.

I simply say there is man's will and there is God's will. My choice is to follow God's will as I believe it.
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The Philosophies of Man
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