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 The Character of God: Mercy of God; Wrath of God

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The Character of God: Mercy of God; Wrath of God Empty
PostSubject: The Character of God: Mercy of God; Wrath of God   The Character of God: Mercy of God; Wrath of God EmptyTue Apr 01, 2014 1:14 pm



It is the duty of every Christian to seek out truth in Scripture, not merely to be able to quote it out of context, and then using this as a means to create doctrine. This book shall deal with the subject of the Character of God within Scripture. I make no apologies for the things within its pages.

Much of what you read herein shall conflict with what you have heard in your Church. I will leave it up to the individual reader as to what they will believe after reading the things within these pages.

I will separate the many aspects of God’s character in order to scrutinize and even rebuke many of today’s preachers for their lack of understanding where God’s character is concerned. Many have made God out to be a type of Santa Claus who turns a blind eye to sin and has lost His right to judge simply because of the Sacrifice of Yeshua (Jesus’ body and blood) His only begotten Son.

Scripture states; “My people perish for lack of knowledge” Hosea 4:6. Today’s preachers would have you believe that God is saying that people perish simply because they don’t understand the blood covenant’s promises made by God.

This however is an incomplete and inaccurate explanation for the above Scripture. For the knowledge of God leads us to repentance, which causes healing. Without repentance, there can be no healing. While it is true that God occasionally heals someone in order to bring them into a right relationship with Him, it is by no means the normal way He does things.

Truly God is a God of love. But it is this same love that demands respect for His mercies which have been poured out upon us as His followers. The initiating mercies we receive from God are the beginning of a lifetime of repentance from a life that had been lived apart from God.

I want you as the reader to think back to when you first received Christ as your Savior. What caused you to come to Him? For most people, it is the fact that they were at their wits’ end and desperate. This is how God brought us to repentance from our sinful lifestyle.

At that time, you felt the convicting power of God’s Holy Spirit which allowed you to repent. Where would you be now if you had ignored the leading of the Holy Spirit? I dare say many would already have perished.

But the repentance that was afforded to you by God’s Holy Spirit kept you from doom or damnation. But now that you have received the Spirit of God, how is it that you choose to follow vain doctrines that lead you to believe that just because God saved you from one major sin in your life, He will now deal with the rest of your sins differently?

The process of repentance is not a one-time event, nor does it merely have to do with one major category from which a person may have been delivered when they became born again. For our lifestyle as human beings is basically selfish at best.

That being said, it is evident that we MUST crucify our flesh daily. It is even as Paul states; “For there is nothing good in me, that is, in my flesh.” Romans 7:18. If this is a true statement, then it is our reasonable service to God to crucify our flesh daily in order that the fullness of the Spirit may be shown in our lives.

If we become complacent in the area of growth, or refuse to allow our newborn nature to commune with God in order to put our sinful lifestyle to death, we will become our own worst enemy, as we open ourselves to many judgments.

There are three basic types of Judgments in Scripture: Cause and effect (smoking causes cancer), Satan finding opportunity and given permission by God (God allows it for growth in our understanding),Direct discipline (God’s displeasure with sin in one’s life).

This book shall cover all three with Scripture to validate all three types of judgments. Many of today’s Preachers have caused their congregations to invalidate or to become blind to the third type of judgment. But for the sake of clarity where God’s character is concerned, I shall endeavor to show the difference between the three types of judgments and why they occur. Hopefully by the end of this book you will understand why many things befall the average Christian and how they might be the recipient of God’s mercy by simply repenting in truth and acknowledging their sin before a holy and righteous God.

Do you desire healing in your life? The first step is to acknowledge the basic truth of God’s character where sin is concerned and how He deals with it. While Yeshua’s death on the cross verily is enough to provide our entrance into God’s kingdom, it requires a true willingness to allow God to become the Lord of our life.

As Yeshua stated; “Why call ye me Lord, Lord, and do NOT the things I say?” Luke 6:46. Come with me into the mind and heart of God as I lay out in categories many things, which have been ignored in favor of placing God in a more acceptable light where our conscience is concerned.

As I have said, I’ll let you the readers decide for yourselves whether what you have been taught is actually what is within the Scriptures. I shall not stand before God on your behalf, each one will stand before God for himself.

Chapter 1

Cause and Effect Judgments


These types of judgments are those brought upon ourselves through wrong living. This includes, drug use, eating improperly, lack of exercise, and simple ignorance. Most would call these things common sense abuse. Things you know are not good for you, but choose to do anyway. One brings upon oneself a multitude of health problems by lack of concentration of living correctly where the above areas are concerned.

Another area of self inflicted judgment would be a lack of safety precautions. These can occur anywhere and in many situations. Work, play, home, or even on vacation. Take for example someone who forgets to check the weather when going on vacation.

They pack for warm weather when it will be sub zero temperatures. They catch pneumonia and end up in the hospital or dead. Can God be blamed for your lack of common sense? One would hope you would not attribute such things to God.

Let’s say you are working in a shop where there are oil slicks. You tell yourself that you need to pour dirt or gravel upon an oil spill in the area you are working. However, you tell yourself you can do it after you finish another task. Your mind slips and you forget.

The next thing you know you have slipped upon the very oil spill that God in His wisdom allowed you to see. You end up with a broken arm as you fall upon it. Can anyone blame God for such a lack of use of common sense. You should have poured the dirt upon the oil slick immediately. You caused your own judgment.

Scripture tells us not to eat certain foods. It explains the eatable foods and the foods that are unclean. Do you suppose that God gave us this list for nothing? Pork is forbidden in Scripture. Today we know that a certain worm causes Trichinosis if the pork is not cooked thoroughly enough.

Beyond that, we also know there are things in pork that get stored in our system and cause health problems later in life. They build up each time we consume pork. To avoid these health problems, all one must do is not eat pork in obedience to Scripture.

Is this a direct judgment of God that one made a poor food choice? Of course not. This falls under the first category of cause and effect. You ate food you already were told by God was not good for you and now you have health issues you must deal with later in life.

Of course the foods mentioned in Scripture as being bad for you also have a spiritual connotation to them. They represent associating with non believers and the negative consequences it can have on your life. But this does not negate the physical reasons why God tells us not to eat such things.

Now immediately, one will quote the Scripture where God states that nothing that enters into a man’s mouth can defile him, but only that which comes out of the heart can defile a man. This is a given. However, suppose there was a bottle of strychnine (poison) in front of you. Would you drink it using this Scripture as an excuse that nothing that enters into your mouth would defile you? Of course no rational person would dare use Scripture this way.

Yet they use it to justify eating foods that they know Scripture says are not good for them. Then, when it is time to pay the piper for their misuse of Scripture, they cry out to God with the eternal question. Why? You should already know why! All things in moderation!

When Scripture states that a worker for God is to eat whatever is set before them, it is to be understood that God put this in Scripture because He knew that the heathen were not aware of His good eating laws and therefore would set dishes before His workers which were not the best things for them.

Consequently, He promised to Divinely protect His workers of the gospel from anything harmful that might be within these forbidden foods, since they were only at this residence because God had sent them there and not of their own choice. Therefore they had no control over what they would be fed.

The above examples are just some of the cause and effect judgments one may bring upon themselves. Another area is putting oneself in dangerous situations. This includes going into areas that are known for their violence. Then, when the violence touches them, they cry out with the eternal question. Why?

God has given you a brain. Use it! We cannot blame God for our misuse of common sense. This includes our choices of where we preach the gospel. It is one thing to enter into a violent area because God specifically sent you there. It is quite another to simply decide that God is going to protect you simply because YOU decided to go into a violent area to preach the gospel.

Herein lies a truth that is often ignored by Christians. You don’t cast demons out if God has not told you to do it. Demons are violent and WILL protect their territory. Countless Christians have been hurt trying to cast out demons.

This occurs primarily because they are doing so only because they have been misled into believing that God commands us to cast out all demons from everyone. This is a misnomer. God does not heal, do miracles, cleanse, or perform signs for everyone. If God does these things for someone, He has a reason for doing it.

He does not just willy-nilly go about performing these things. He is a military strategist and knows why He wants certain people brought out of bondage. This is why we MUST ask first if God wants a person delivered.

But some will say; “God is not willing that any should perish.” This is an incomplete Scripture. The complete Scripture states that God willingly suffers or bears up with the unrighteous for the sake of those who are to be saved. For He is unwilling that any (person He intends to save) should perish. This is the proper understanding of the above Scripture. Romans 9:22 and 2nd Peter 3:9.

The above two Scriptures are complimentary of each other. Notice that 2nd Peter 3:9 says that God is patient toward US-Ward (Christians), not willing that any future Christians yet to come into God’s kingdom before the judgments mentioned above in the previous Scriptures should perish. In other words, God is not judging the world immediately, because there are yet Christians who haven’t come into His kingdom, so He will wait until the last soul meant to be born again is saved, then the above judgments shall occur upon this ungodly world.


Romans 9:22-27 says, God is long-suffering with the vessels of wrath fitted for destruction (made for destruction), in order to show his mercies upon those upon whom His favor is bestowed, the saved. Then Scripture shows that only a remnant will be saved. Not because of themselves, but because God made them for salvation. God also made the damned for destruction.

Now one might say, this puts God in a bad light. Why? I am only showing what Scripture shows. Those who are made for destruction are not even alive. The only true source of life is the Spirit of God. He alone is life eternal.

Therefore, those cast into hell never really had any life to begin with. What they had was a facsimile or pseudo life, a counterfeit of what true life is. Even science has a law that states all life comes from life. So if God refused to put His life into certain vessels, they were never really alive to begin with. He is merely discarding an android that had a facsimile of life.

When you throw away a doll in the dump that can cry and say a few words, you don’t say you are being cruel do you? So why do you judge God as cruel for sending what amounts to the same thing into hellfire? If a person has not the spirit of God dwelling within them, they have no life at all, they merely have the appearance of life.

Why then did God create them to be discarded you might ask? For the sake of His true living children. He teaches us through them, much like humans learn through the use of electronic computers. God creates scenarios using these lifelike androids to teach His true children lessons in life. He uses the interaction with these androids so His true children, who ARE alive, will learn valuable lessons.
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The Character of God: Mercy of God; Wrath of God Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Character of God: Mercy of God; Wrath of God   The Character of God: Mercy of God; Wrath of God EmptyTue Apr 01, 2014 7:04 pm

I don't agree with your view of God, nor his judgment. I think you need a Bible study.
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The Character of God: Mercy of God; Wrath of God
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