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Secrets of the Dead

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Secrets of the Dead

Jessica Coltrane is a die-hard skeptic who believes that ghosts and paranormal activity are nothing more than a figment of some poor fool’s over active imagination—until she finds herself locked inside a house with the enigmatic paranormal investigator C.J. Dowling, that is.

C.J., born with the ability to see and speak to the dead, thought this would be a job like many others. Calm and self-assured, he knows his business. After all, he’s been listening to the Secrets of the Dead since he was three. He’s prepared for anything—except the smart and sexy Jessica.

Working together in close quarters, C.J. and Jessica find it’s all too easy to get under one another’s skin during the day. As darkness falls and the tension between them mounts, a spark is ignited. Fueled by passion they give into their desires…only C.J. and Jessica aren’t alone.

As the light dawns the couple discovers they’re trapped. Trapped with the ghost of a child long forgotten, an amorous entity that is threatening Jessica, and a powde

Poster : luigie
Posted : Fri Jan 25, 2008 9:10 am
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Secrets of the Dead
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 Secrets of the Dead

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Secrets of the Dead
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