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Rhett DeVane
Rhett DeVane has been writing since she was old enough to hold one of those big fat pencils. The author's mother testifies that Rhett has always made up stories. With true motherly enthusiasm, she says, "my gal's going to make it to Oprah one of these days. I just know it."
     Rhett has made a living both as a dental hygienist for almost thirty years, and more recently, as a part-time massage therapist. Both fields, she loves because she enjoys interacting with people. Her patients, after all these years, are friends, family. They were truly as excited about her first published novel as the author. Rhett thinks they were just plain-out relieved. After all, when you are a captive audience, and the speaker has little sharp tools in your mouth, you listen to every word she says. They flocked to Rhett's first signing and continue to support her writing.  

      Rhett comes from a long line of humorists and storytellers, their familial roots embedded in Alabama, Georgia, and North Florida. From her parents to brother Jimmy and sister Melody, not one can resist a good joke. Laughter, love, and support flow easily in the DeVane clan;  a perfect garden for a budding Southern writer. A good disposition proved beneficial for anyone marrying into the family, too!
     Rhett is originally from Chattahoochee, a small town in the Florida panhandle. After college, she moved to Tallahassee, where she now makes her home. She is working on a series of Southern fiction novels.
    "This Southern fiction writing is fun! The best part? I get paid to make things up. Not to mention the joy of having people enjoy my work."        Rhett DeVane 
Welcome to the town of Chattahoochee, Florida. Imagine living down the road from a mental institution and growing up in a world still drenched in the traditions of the South. For Hattie Davis, she couldn't wait to get away. Returning home for her mother's funeral, she is drawn in by the arrival of a dear and flamboyant childhood friend, Jake Witherspoon. Despite the unfortunate situation that has brought them together, a memoir of an old family friend inspires them to join forces and take the town by storm. Yet, their new entrepreneurial lives are brutally interrupted when Jake is kidnapped and beaten by two local teenage boys. Interwoven with an air of magical realism, The Madhatter's Guide to Chocolate is a rich tale of small town humor, tragedy, and the extraordinary twists of fate.  
Rhett has a dream:
     To start a network of like-minded authors who are willing to pledge a percentage of their time and money to making the world a better place. To this end, Rhett has pledged a portion of her books' royalties toward the ongoing fight against breast cancer.
     In Tallahassee, she currently donates to A Women's Place, a not-for-profit organization affiliated with Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. A Women's Place is actively involved in many women's issues, including post-diagnosis counseling, support, and prosthetics for mastectomy patients. In the future, her dream is to work both on local and national levels to lend her writing talents to the cause.

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