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Mike Bryon

Mike Bryon

Mike Bryon was first published in 1991 and now has 17 books in print on how to pass the tests and assessments used by large employers. He is the best selling author on the subject. Each book contains advice on the winning mind set, insights and tips, hundreds of realistic example questions, practice tests, answers, explanations and interpretations of your score.

Hundreds of thousands of people have used the books to get down to some serious score improving practice and succeed in the test and assessments they face. The books have sold worldwide and have been translated into many foreign languages including Indonesian, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Indian and Chinese.

After three years of post graduate research into adult learning at the University of Birmingham (UK), he founded a consultancy. For 15 years, he provided recruitment and diversity consultancy to organisations in every industrial sector and a great many major UK and international companies including departments of the UK Government, National utilities, high street retail chains, rail companies, local and emergency authorities, and multinationals such as the Ford Motor Company and British Airport Authorities. The consultancy contributed extensively to EU research programmes with research partners drawn from across the union.

His books review the strategies and provide the practice you need to gain a competitive advantage. Importantly they offer practice at a level that reflects that of the actual tests. These books really do offer hundreds of realistic practice questions; 400 or 500 as a minimum. Many of the titles offer far more than this. The Ultimate Psychometric Test Book contains over 1,000 practice questions and is perfect for the candidate who faces tests at the intermediate level or seeks an introduction to graduate material.

The titles reach across the whole testing spectrum from intermediate through to graduate and the high flyer. There is winning advice; insights and tips on personality questionnaires; situational awareness tests; assessment days; group exercises; role plays and in-tray or e-tray exercises. There are books to help candidates who dare to dream of a single career goal, including applicant firefighters; candidates for the UK civil service (including the Fast Stream); post graduate business schools applicants who face the GMAT and medical school applicants who face the UKCAT. Mike Bryon has also written on secondary transfer for children of 11 years of age, and adults who face a test as speakers of English as a second language.

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Mike Bryon has over 10 years of experience in the training room, making sure every candidate demonstrates their full potential and realises the career of their choice. His ground breaking approach has proved decisive for countless thousands of candidates.

His work remains contemporary through his continual research and writing and through the many readers who contact him for advice and suggestions on sources of practice questions.

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