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D. T. Pollard
Essence bestselling author, D.T. Pollard, was born in Henderson, Texas, and currently lives in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. He is married and has one son.

Drawn to writing at an early age, D T wrote short stories and attempted his first novel while attending West Rusk High School in New London, Texas. Going as far as to purchase a portable electric typewriter, he wrote stories but didn't understand the world of publishing and never sought that avenue. D T earned an academic scholarship to the School of Business and Industry at Florida A & M University in Tallahassee, Florida. He stopped writing during his second year in college.

After working in sales for some of the giants of the technology world for over twenty-five years, D T's desire to write returned after losing several siblings from various causes. His first novel The Trophy Wife Network was published in April 2006 followed by Rooftop Diva-A Novel of Triumph After Katrina in September 2006. Fools' Heaven is his third novel, Rooftop Diva made the ESSENCE bestselling hardcover extended list in October 2007. Fools' Heaven was rated 4.5 out of five stars by the Rawsistaz Reviewers and rated as one of their favorites.

The United States experienced the emergence of an economic crisis in the last quarter of 2008 that was the worst since the Great Depression. It quickly became evident that the cause of this financial meltdown was a perfect storm of multiple factors including irresponsibility, greed and lax oversight. Some hardworking citizens found themselves living in foreclosure riddled neighborhoods and tent cities that the author has labeled – TARP Towns - after the Troubled Assets Relief Program approved by Congress in October of 2008. ESSENCE® bestselling author D T Pollard expresses a unique view on the economic crisis that exploded onto the scene in 2008 and describes how that financial downturn may save the United States of America from itself.

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The technology used to produce TARP Town U S A, Rooftop Diva, and Fools' Heaven is state of the art. Each book is produced when ordered with high speed technology that can print and bind the book in seconds. This means very little wasted energy in the form of large quantities of pre-printed books sitting on hand.


Once printed, your book is delivered to you via the method you selected just as any other book would be, to your local bookstore or your home with no noticeable difference in delivery time.

Published Authors Forum::  Featured Member

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