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A. W. Nutter

Anthony W. Nutter
Anthony W. Nutter still resides in the same small town in West Virginia where he was born and raised.  He had an interest in writing early on and his enjoyment only grew as he got older.  He has always favored fiction/horror novels; his favorite author being the master of horror himself, Stephen King.  Daddy's Game started out as a short story seeing as he had limited time to dedicate to his writing.  Raising three children and holding down a full-time job left little time to pursue his dream of writing a book.  It took Anthony a year and a half to complete, but it was worth the wait.  he has just finished his second book Shimmer which is now available.  He has always enjoyed reading and writing tales of fiction. His goal is to leave this world and its mundane problems behind for worlds and characters of intrigue and excitement. He believes he has accomplished his goal with the creation of Shimmer. 

Anthony's first novel, Daddy's Game was released in the fall of 2005. This book is definitely an adult read. A work of fiction that deals with a psychotic individual and his prey. Daddy's Game contains scenes of very descriptive child abuse, child abduction and the supernatural. The book brings everything together for a very nice ending. If you are squemish or faint of heart I would advise you to pass on Daddy's Game.

John Wilson looked down at his son.   He felt no pity, no love, only hate for the little bastard he had tied up last night.  This kid was the reason for his wife’s death, the reason for his misery.  Michael was a part of his miserable life he could do without.    Slowly John pulled a knife from his pocket, opened the blade and placed it in the center of the little demons chest.  Looking at the helpless form laying in front of him a demented smile crept across his face.  The boy’s arms and legs were knotted with cramps.  John almost laughed out loud.  Death for the asshole could come later; torturing this child could be fun.  Slowly trailing the knife blade down the boy’s chest and leg he cut the ropes binding his feet.  It was the first time since his wife had died he had actually found some enjoyment.  Michael wasn’t going anywhere; there would be plenty of time to play the game.  There was no need to hurry, no need at all.
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Anthony says: "As proud as I am of  the two books I have written, they dim in comparison to the pride I have toward my family."

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