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 Ebooks by Jesus Villalobos

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PostSubject: Ebooks by Jesus Villalobos   Tue Sep 28, 2010 3:15 pm

diesel ebook store 5.00 and 10.00

Printed versions available at:

Three Days of Darkness

Hook: Jesusí return is not supposed to be a surprise. He gave us a definite sign and definite time of His arrival. The trouble is not that there is not enough information, the trouble is there seems to be a lack of understanding on the part of His followers as to what Matthew 24 actually says.

Contrary to popular belief, Jesus never said we could not know the date of His return. The date He referred to in His Matthew 24 discourse as being unknowable was the time of heaven and earthís complete destruction by His Father. Revelation 20:11.

This is where this book begins. It details Jesusí words in Matthew 24 and how they relate to Isaiah 13. This is the book Jesus was quoting from in Matthew 24. Through careful study, we find that Jesus not only gave us a sign, but the actual date of His return!

Anti-Christ's Birth; The Solomon Island Mystery


Hook: UFOs, missing women, giants, welcome to Terra Verde!

ďAnti-Christís Birth; The Solomon Island Mystery,Ē will keep you guessing who Steven Johnstonís real friends are, and who his real enemies are. Steven Johnston remembers the terrors on Terra Verde; a small Solomon Island in the Atlantic Ocean. If only he could remember the name of the island.

The administration knows from which island he was transferred to their facility. They will not however reveal this information to Steven. They refuse to believe his claims of Monsters. They insist he is delusional. They have planned a return trip to the island after six years of imprisonment. He has one shot at freedom. He must use his knowledge of the island terrain to escape the clutches of the hospital administration.

His new psychologist Jennifer Cowell, a black haired beauty, will accompany him on the trip. Will she prove a help or a hindrance? Even if he escapes the hospital staff, he must still survive, the Solomon Island Mystery once again!

The goal of those on Terra Verde is simple; to find a suitable woman to bear what they call Ďthe great hope,í which in the Christian world is known as the anti-Christ!

Time For Truth

Chapter 1. Mankind in Godís image: Christ & the Church

Chapter 2. The Sevenfold Holy Spirit and Church

Chapter 3. Six Thousand years

Chapter 4. A Wheel in a Wheel

Chapter 5. Tithing; the Forgotten Feast

Chapter 6. Was Eve Black?

Chapter 7. Matthew 24 the key to Revelation

These books are available in digital format at: 5.00 and 10.00

Printed format available at:


Jesus Villalobos
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Ebooks by Jesus Villalobos
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