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 Zero-Option, a short SF novel (free in ebook form)

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PostSubject: Zero-Option, a short SF novel (free in ebook form)   Thu Jan 17, 2008 8:02 am

I released my short novel Zero-Option through a Creative Commons License about ten months ago. Since then it has been downloaded from various sites thousands of times and generated a lot of positive feedback. The short novel (only about 40,000 words) takes place in the same universe as my much longer work, In Darkness Bound. Some of the early days of Captain Lhara Jhordel are detailed in the latter. For those who like military SF, both books should please.

If you want to download a free copy of Zero-Option you can do so at my website ( or you can get it from here

I've also made the short stories Choices and The Wall available for free download and distribution. Choices is also set in the same universe as Zero-Option and In Darkness Bound, but takes place shortly after the Federation/Unity war. You'll find both these available from my site as well as and others.

Below is a brief blurb for Zero-Option.

Nathan Imbrahim wasnít born a spacer, but he joined Fleet to fight the good fight, eager to serve in a bid to help the Federation overcome the Unity. Somehow he ended up in Naval Intelligence, and now heís on his way to find out what happened to the FS Niagara. It seems like a straightforward mission: Track the ship to its last known position and find out what happened. But to get there Admiralty has chosen to send him on the FS Confederation, under the command of Captain Lhara Jhordel Ė and thereís nothing straightforward about her.

Now Imbrahim finds himself on a journey that will take him beyond the Fringes of the Earth Empire, with a captain who is ruled by events of her past. Itís a journey into the heart of darkness, from which none of them may return.

Hope you enjoy the stories.

-Lindsay Brambles, Ottawa, 2008
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Zero-Option, a short SF novel (free in ebook form)
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