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 Trump's visit to the UK

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Abe F. March
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PostSubject: Trump's visit to the UK   Sun Jul 15, 2018 2:13 am

Trumpís visit to the UK is still in the news.† He insulted the PM and also the Mayor of London.† His meeting with the Queen was deplorable.† He not only kept her waiting, but then walked in front of her.† The Queen is 92 years of age.† Respect for her as Queen and as an older person was lacking.† Interference in European politics appears to have been part of his agenda.† He has done more to break up the alliance than Putin could have done.† It appears that Putin is using him to do just that.† Putinís quest to restore the power of the old Soviet Union is evident. The European Union was viewed by America as a threat to their dominance.† The United States of Europe (the union) was a powerful force to be reckoned with.† The common currency was an idea for easing monetary transactions, however not everyone participated, including the UK.† Breaking up the union was a goal of Russia and the US.† Brexit was viewed as a start in breaking that alliance.† NATO was/is an important deterrent to Russian aggression. †The Germans donít trust Putin; however, they respect his intelligence.† He is a manipulator and his every action is calculated for increasing his power.† It appears that he is delighted with Trumpís actions. †Having nuclear weapons stored in Germany is something the German civilian population oppose.† It makes them a prime target in any future war.† The cost to maintain the US military presence in Germany is primarily born by the German government costing approx. a Billion US Dollars per year. Trump has suggested moving the troops stationed in Germany to Poland. †He obviously hasnít considered the cost nor the ramifications of such a move.† Such a move would most likely not be opposed by Germany, however Putin would oppose such a move as it would place US Bases near the Russian border.† US bases in Germany have been useful for US aggressive actions in Iraq, Afghanistan and in Syria. The US Military hospital in Landstuhl has been the prime facility for treating injuries of US military personnel engaged in those actions.
It is clear that Americaís worst enemy is the one from within.† The actions of the current and disputed US leader are continuing to be felt in the environment, in trade and in international relations. †The safeguards put in place by President Obama have been dismantled. †The vindictive actions of a disturbed, if not mentally ill person, can not easily be erased.† There is hope that our allies will once again become our partners for peace and unity when the disruptive menace is removed from the US government.
We must continue to resist and encourage everyone to vote.† Even though past voting was flawed as with the popular vote not counting, we canít wait for the system to change that would eliminate the Electoral College but adhere to the system in place for the next election.† Our lives may depend on it.†
Ideally, we will find a candidate that shows compassion for all citizens and not cater to the super rich. A candidate that will work for world peace. A candidate that understands the need for international cooperation - not isolation.† A candidate that will listen to and support the intelligence available.† It is understood that with all the input available, the final decision is with the President himself.† Acting in the best interests of the people he/she is elected to serve is the prime objective.† Integrity is paramount with any person elected to the office of President.† Can they be trusted?
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PostSubject: Re: Trump's visit to the UK   Sun Jul 15, 2018 5:07 am

The president arrived at 5:00 pm, exactly on time. Even CNN reported it accurately. Under the canopy, the queen asked the president to swap places. When they approached to inspect the line of Coldstream Guards, the queen found herself on the wrong side. Instead of walking in front of the president, she walked behind; a rare moment of the queen wrong footing herself. Later, had she been annoyed, she could have curtailed afternoon tea. As it was, the meeting overran by seventeen minutes.†

The president's remark about the UK's close alignment with the EU post Brexit has the support of seventeen million UK citizens. The protesters looked silly, as did the women protesters last year in their "pussy" outfits.†

You are right about going out to vote; everyone should. It will be interesting to see the results in November.


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Trump's visit to the UK
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