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 Being prepared

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Abe F. March
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Abe F. March

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PostSubject: Being prepared   Being prepared EmptySat Jan 20, 2018 2:12 am

The recent incident occurring in Hawaii with the broadcast that a bomb was heading their way brought attention to the threat of nuclear proliferation.   The anxiety of the citizens can only be imagined.  Many made frantic phone calls to loved ones saying goodbye as they headed to shelters thinking that they may soon be dead.   I remember my school days with drills on how to survive a nuclear attack.   I witnessed people digging caves and stocking them with food.  I had recently been discharged from the USAF and was in the active reserves requiring me to attend monthly training exercises.  We were informed about what precautions to take and a system of alert was given for reservists to report to duty.  What actions we were to take is still hazy in my mind since we were just to “follow orders”.   Panic can be expected in such a crisis.  There are other forms of crisis when one has the fear of sudden death.  It reminded me of my own situation when I was diagnosed with an aortic aneurysm.  The fear that it could burst was real and preparations were made for the operation. Prior to the operation, I asked the doctor if there would be any signal that the aneurysm would burst such as pain in the chest or other.  He said there would be no signal and if it burst it was all over.   Waiting for the operation was a time of anxiety.  I was afraid to do anything strenuous or even taking a walk.  I wanted the operation ASAP and pressed for it to happen.  It was like living with a pending time bomb.   Even when the date was set for the operation I made preparations just in case I didn’t survive.  As it turned out, the problem was more serious than just the aneurysm.  When they opened my chest to deal with the aneurysm the surgeon saw that my aortic heart valve, that was previously replaced, was not working properly so he replaced the heart valve as well as performing two additional by-pass operations. 
Whether our lives are threated by outside forces or from physical problems, the angst is real.  No one wants to die prematurely.  I believe that the fight for survival is inherent in every living being.  Kill or be killed is part of a soldier’s training and is considered as the “law of the jungle”.  We are living in dangerous times with erratic behavior by some leaders.  Knowing that with the push of a button our lives could end requires us to speak out and insist on the removal of those in power whose impulsive actions are a threat to humanity.  Getting rid of all nucleal weapons should be the objective of everyone.  Acting tough by saying that “my button is bigger than yours” is insane.  Egomaniacs have caused the destruction of many lives as recorded in history.  The nuclear threat is worse than any other weapon.  Trying to survive a nuclear war isn’t worthy of discussion.  We have only to look at accidents involving nuclear facilities, like Chernoybl, to understand the effects of fall-out.  The effort must be to prevent such a war.  We older folk remember the effort to prevent a nuclear war made by JFK during the Cuban missile crisis.  Level headed leadership saved us.
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Being prepared
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