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 How are you?

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Abe F. March
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PostSubject: How are you?   Thu Jan 05, 2017 5:20 am

How are you?  Is this a form of greeting or do people really want to know? The importance and seriousness of this question is felt by those of us who have experienced illness.  For the most part, one can tell if the question is serious or just a polite expression. 
There are healthcare workers who have become hardened and less sensitive to the patients under their care.  For many, it is just a job.
In the recent past both my wife and I have been hospitalized for various reasons.  The treatment we received had a significant effect on the healing process.  In some instances, we were given a report to complete concerning the care we received.  It is a chance to either complain or to commend.  Assuming the report is read, it can lead to improved healthcare.
My wife was admitted to a different hospital yesterday.  The transfer was recommended by the attending physician.  When the illness requires expertise not available in the current location, a good physician will recommend a transfer to a facility that has experience with the illness.  Just knowing that you will have the best care available is comforting. 
When she was admitted, the first question asked by the physician was:  “How are you feeling?”  It was not idle chatter.
Normally when one hears the question:  “How are you?” people expect to hear: “Fine” or “Good.”  A response other than that is not expected or desired.  The exception is when a friend asks the question.  They are concerned about your health and sincerely want to know.  When visiting the States and being greeted by a store employee saying:  “How are you today?”  You know that they are not serious.  If you want to throw them for a loop, just reply:  “Do you really want to know?”  If your response is:  “I feel like shit” or “I feel terrible” they will quickly get out of your way. 
When a person is sincere in wanting to know how you feel, it is appreciated.  It is a great feeling to know that people care about you.  I have found that to be true on this forum.  On FB I read remarks that appear to be the socially accepted thing to say. 
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How are you?
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