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Abe F. March
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PostSubject: Cannabis   Tue May 03, 2016 5:54 am

The following is for your information.
Medical Cannabis is getting much attention and it is a State-by-State approval for the legal application/use of Cannabis for medical purposes.  My daughter, Caroline-March Long, is the VP of Sales and Marketing for Scitent, a Virginia based company.  Scitent provides/creates e-learning programs to most any firm or organization requiring training for new products or other services.  The hot topic just now is the training of Medical personnel in the use of Cannabis.
The benefit of Cannabis as a health benefit is gaining ground.  I will be growing my own for personal use, particularly for my wife since Cannabis is said to help the immune system.  It is also known to be a cure for cancer.  When it comes to saving a life, IMV, restrictions for use should be ignored unless those restrictions are based on “safe” use.   It is my understanding that the green leaves provide the healing benefits.  Example:  They can be harvested and consumed by mixing them with a salad.  Drying the leaves/seeds for smoking or simply for getting high is the cause for government regulations.  I have never read about someone dying from using Cannabis; however I have read where people have died from using prescription drugs.  When there is little or no hope left for a patient, experimenting with something that has the potential to heal makes sense.
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