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PostSubject: Bathrooms   Mon May 02, 2016 5:10 am

My feed on facebook has been flooded with posts, pictures and memes about America's bathroom laws. Everyone is focusing on where men and women should or should not pee, when the real issue, which everyone is avoiding, is about allowing men into female changing areas, expressly against the wishes of the majority of American women. Most women, apart from fashion and glamour models, are uncomfortable undressing in front of other women in retail outlets' fitting rooms (including the mirror reflection, which isn't viewed until the garment being tried on is zipped or fastened!), and many would avoid trying on anything if men were present. The biggest problem of all is allowing men into changing areas used by young girls at sports clubs and swimming pools. I can see a culture developing where young American girls are only allowed to participate in sport if they attend already dressed in sportswear/swimwear and return home without changing. What a sad state of affairs, all brought about by 0.01% of the population!

Initially, I responded to the comments in my feed. I soon realised that no one knew anything at all about transgenderism, but they all had an opinion. By co-incidence, a comment from one of my author friends, who is a transgender person, appeared in my feed with a link to the author's website. I clicked on the link and noticed a list of links on the left-hand side of the home page, one of which was about toilets, so I clicked it. I spent seven minutes listening to a recording of the author talking on the radio about the problem of using the appropriate bathroom for a transgender person. I began to add the link to my responses to bathroom comments on facebook. My feed is now free of comments about bathrooms! The bathroom problem has not been solved, but at least my friends have taken the opportunity to learn about what it feels like when entering a bathroom from a transgender person's point of view. This is a link to the recording:


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