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 Sing the ABC song.

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Domenic Pappalardo
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PostSubject: Sing the ABC song.   Wed Apr 20, 2016 3:08 pm

How many different races do you think there are in the world?  Four? Ten? Fifty? 
As I was growing up I was told many times, “Those of a different color are of a different race.”  I have never made claim to being smart…I have claimed genius.
My problem with how the rest of the world thinks started in kindergarten. We were learning how to sing the alphabet song.  I was mixing the letters up. The teacher told me I was doing it wrong?  There are only twenty-six letters, why do they have to be in the order of the alphabet song? World war two was on, and America was at war with Germany,  Italy, and Japan. Now when a country is at war, everybody knows the enemy is a lower class and has less brain power. The teacher told the class I could not sing the alphabet song in the right order because I was Italian. My grandfather told me, “Unless you do things like everybody else, you will be out of step.” My grandfather was never wrong. I was out of step. I took that to mean, “I was right, and the whole world was wrong.”  Different races? Am I out of step? I hope so. Each person is going to reason that question by where they stand. Some are standing in the section labeled, Evolution, some are in the section, Religion, and many over by the, You're both wrong area.
Here is how I see it: Let's assume the people over in Evolution  are right.  For the sake of where to start, let's say we came from a fish. Over whatever time it turned into a man. Wait, there has to be two fish, one has to turn into a woman. Without a male, and female fish, there will be no baby fish. Now here is where my genius fails me…two fish turn into a female, and male human…where did the different colored people come from?  Were there different fish doing the same thing? Maybe some others came from birds? Or whatever? 
My view is from religion.  My God created one pair of humans. A male, and a female. That makes just one race.  Noah had three sons, each with a different color…I’m going to go way out of step on this one…again that means just one race. I tell you the truth. “If religion is out of step (right) that means there has always been just one race…the human race.  So where did the idea of a different race come from? 
Again, I will tell you the truth; There are TWO RACES on this earth. Jesus spoke of these two. One he called the wheat,(100% human) and the Tares,(50% human, and 50% angelic.) Angels came to earth, took on the form of men, and took the human women and had children with them…half human, and half angelic. (Tares.)
Think it can’t be done? Just these past few months science claimed they mixed DNA from a dinosaur with a chicken DNA, and made a chicken with dinosaur legs. They haven’t said how big that sucker is. Enoch, the seventh man from Adam, the grandfather of Noah wrote about this mixing of DNA by the angels who took the daughters of men. They mixed DNA with animals…and came up with dinosaurs. No Dino’s are not millions of years old. Ever Dino bone they have opened they have found soft tissue. Soft tissue does not stay soft that long.  This is all stuff you can check for yourself with your computer. Come join with me and get out of step. Sing the ABC song with me…ABCJPZDONTEVUXHGYMWKSLIFQR

No Alice...I’m not back. Maybe just a little part of me.
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Abe F. March
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PostSubject: Re: Sing the ABC song.   Wed Apr 20, 2016 10:43 pm

Hello, Domenic.  I don't think that you are "out of step" instead I think you are an explorer - a person of adventure.  I'm currently reading a book: "Sapiens - A brief history of humankind" by Yuval Noah Harari.  I think you would find it interesting and of value since it combines religious beliefs with evolution.  It is difficult to write about any subject where there is no recorded information and much speculation is required, just as it is with the Bible.  Although I'm just 3/4 through the book I can recommend it.  It talks about the early explorers, what they discovered, how they influenced the indigenous people of the lands they found, the subsequent killing and the spread of disease that wiped out some species of humans. 
Dom, I think you are an explorer at heart.  Early scientists (although they didn't call them that) were considered weird - out of step with the thinking of others. 
Keep searching and sharing your thoughts, just don’t expect agreement on everything you say.  Thoughts are a trigger and can stimulate others to think rather than accept what has been commonly accepted. 
The book starts with the “Cognitive Revolution and continues with the Agricultural Revolution, The Unification of Humankind and The Scientific Revolution.  Years before the present:  13.5 billion.
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PostSubject: Re: Sing the ABC song.   Thu Apr 21, 2016 10:09 am

All I know for sure is that I am here.  I am made of organic material and will die of some age-related and poor lifestyle cause - or unexpected reason.  Everything else I know is from what I'm told or what I read and most sources are suspect for one reason or another.

I see that people differ in their DNA, but across all races we are able to share blood if it is cleaned and of the same type.  That confirms for me that we are one human race with hearts that keep us operating, one heart per person and life blood flowing through.

We are also able to share body parts without regard to origins if there is a "match."  When we are ill and need blood or body parts, most of us don't ask the race of the donor.  It doesn't matter so long as it is a "match" for us.
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PostSubject: Re: Sing the ABC song.   Thu Apr 21, 2016 3:31 pm


I admire your ability to think in different ways.
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PostSubject: Re: Sing the ABC song.   

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Sing the ABC song.
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