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Abe F. March
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PostSubject: Pissed   Sat Jan 23, 2016 6:39 am

Iím pissed and I wonít apologize for using that expression.
Iím pissed at the proliferation of guns and those who have them.† Claiming the right to own them for self-defense is bullshit.† What self-defense could Don claim by killing his wife?† Certainly there are other methods of killing.† One could use a knife or even poison someone, but the death is not immediate and could cause someone to change his/her mind and seek help to prevent the death.† Pulling the trigger of a gun is not reversible.†
The one thing I disagreed with Don about on this forum was about guns and gun control.† I believe that I made the comment that I respected his opinion, but didnít agree.† To make it clear for the future, I respect the right for anyone to have an opinion, but that doesnít mean I will be obliged to respect what is expressed with that opinion, and that includes political subjects.†
There is a sickness involved with killing.† The killing of animals for sport and in some cases the brutal slaying of animals just for the fun of it.† We call these people sick and portray them as exceptions.† Humans may pull the trigger, but it is the gun that kills.† Having background checks to determine the mental stability of someone to own a gun cannot predict someone suddenly flipping out.† We read about children getting their hands on guns and killing brother or sister.† We read about the gun going off accidentally and killing another person.† If the gun was not available, these accidents would have happened.†
Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld have murdered thousands of people in Iraq.† The weapons they used were young service men and women acting on their orders - using service men and women as their ďhit menĒ.† †The invasion of Iraq was not about defending America, but about greed and power.† Cheneyís company made hundreds of millions from this invasion.
We have Candidates for President who want to solve problems by bombing the shit out of another nation.† It doesnít matter to them how many people die.† Palestinians are killed on a daily basis.† It is not about self-defense, but about a land grab.† Destroying the property and lives of the indigenous population doesnít matter.† They are murderers plain and simple.† Even worse is that we fund these criminal acts and that makes us just as guilty as if we were directly involved.†

Those who work for a peaceful solution are labeled as weak and applaud the tough talk of politicians who want to take America to war.† The word ďpeaceĒ is something used when it suits.† It takes strength and perseverance to work for peace.† Force is not a long-term solution.† †

This is my opinion.† It doesnít require you to agree.
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