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 Thoughts for the Day

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Abe F. March
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PostSubject: Thoughts for the Day   Mon Jan 18, 2016 2:23 am

How does a stupid person know that they are stupid?  Would it not take a bit of intelligence to know they’re stupid?  It is any wonder why so many rely on a media like Fox News to tell them what they should know as it requires no thinking.  Ignorance can be cured with education.  Unfortunately when facts are presented or available and people choose to ignore facts they fall into the category of stupid and there is no known cure for that.
IMV, stupidity begins with a lazy mind by letting others do the thinking.  Just as a muscle weakens from non-use, so does the mind. 
Resistance creates strength - the muscle being a good example.  We often hear clichés:
“Go with the flow” (Follow the crowd)
 “Don’t rock the boat or don’t make waves” (A boat that is moving creates waves)
“Don’t go out on a limb” (The fruit is usually at the end of the limb)
“Don’t stick your neck out” (Even a turtle must stick its head out to move)
Courage is an act in the face of fear.  Without fear, courage is not required.  Doing the things you fear the most can overcome the fear.   
The fear of criticism is strong and it takes courage to speak out against injustice in whatever form.    
Being Liked or being Respected
Most everyone wants to be liked and many who are liked are not respected.  Given a choice, would you rather be liked or respected?
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PostSubject: Re: Thoughts for the Day   Mon Jan 18, 2016 6:16 am


                     It amazes me how Liberal Democrats will attack anyone who
doesn't believe in their Socialistic ways ! The Democratic party has become
one big joke ! An over the hill First Lady who will do anything to get to be 
the First Female President ( Hillary,) including taking money from Wall St.,
she will lie, cheat, change her position a dozen times ! Plus an old man who
has seen better days who in his mind is reliving the Lenin thoughts, sorry that
doesn't work in this country, we love our freedom, but I give Bernie credit for
bringing up in the debate how Hillary has collected millions from Wall Street
and at the same time say we need to put a leash on them, she was shocked 
when he brought that up, she needs to go back to Arkansas where she belongs.
She's a carpetbagger !

                                                    Cheers....Joe.... Very Happy
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Thoughts for the Day
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